Sell me on some NFTs you have made that are .005WETH or less

Do you guys think in the future will this be solved or might keep rising , ether price just hit above 2k

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I heard if Bitcoin goes up everything goes up, maybe it will be more and more expensive and the gas fee will rise. Not an expert anyway :smiley:

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Hey not sure if anyone is into an old medieval style of art but just in case :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a series you might like, all within budget.

They look cool, they show my personal art style, but they’re also a commemorative reference to this particular moment in the history of NFT culture. They’ll be fun to look at years from now.

And it’s fun to collect the series of them and they’re priced to make that accessible. It’s really a win-win.

If they’re smart they’ll figure out how to keep the gas fees lower. Though, as soon as Cardano starts doing NFT’s, that’s where I’m going…

Here’s mine! Just starting out as well, trying to get the lay of the land.