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Hello @acdell,

Welcome to a fellow musician and artist!

And since you asked:

You can see my work here:

And best of luck to you on your first album release.


Hello, @acdell,

Do check out some of my work, here is one of them,



I got this coming up soon still working on it !! If u want to know the story about it I’m happy to explain


Hey @acdell, and all!

Are there any styles or specific forms of art you’re interested in?

I have a couple of digital illustrations I’ve minted as a continuation of a developing story about a lost robot. I try to stick with a consistent style of a surreal and slightly impressionist application of color but am mostly inebriated from apple juice, good apple juice, and go off the cuff from initial pencil and paper sketches.

Wish the best of luck to you and everyone in your NFT endeavors. :peace_symbol:


Hey check my NFT art hope you will love it.

Hello acdell. Please let me know what you think about this one:

I’ve been doing some artworks as homage to retro romance comics. But instead of a leading man, we have a leading creature.

Hello acdell,
I’m a freelance artist for Lucasfilm and have worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. I’m just starting to play with NFT to see how it works. I think this format may have the potential to allow me to develop my own personal projects. I’ve created art for Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Voltron, Robotech, Dr. Who, Marvel, Indiana Jones, Game of Thrones, Aliens, and many more. Officially Licensed Limited editions prints of my art are available all over the world and my original art is held in several prestigious private collections. Most notably, George Lucas owns several of my larger original oil paintings.

You can see my first couple NFTs here and I plan on releasing more in the next month or so.


Hi and welcome among us, @celsoagra and @jonezyart,

@celsoagra : your photo is neat. I love balanced stones except it’s a calamity for the environment.

@jonezyart : your vintage style is charming.

I wish both of you the best here.

My NFT here and my profile here
I always follow for follow, even on instagram where you can see my other pieces and my painting process.


Hi , i’m a musician too, i send you my guitar NFT :slightly_smiling_face:


This nft is available only for 0.21, don’t sleep on it, after this one, I’m gonna list my NFT’S for more than 2 eth, so u can be the lucky collector :wink:


Will you dare? :smirk: :kissing_heart:

Hope you like it!

First NFT digital artwork produced in collaboration with the power of Monaco — The AI is dropped!

The Eye.

Unlock 6 exclusive content!

Limited edition, 3 pieces only!

Currently bidding at 0.25 ETH (~$521.24 USD) each :rocket:

Always willing to take an opportunity to share what I got.

Crypto Bitties

Hi @acdell !

I’ve got some animated loops here if that’s your kind of thing…

Links: Rarible NFTs - ArtStation Page - Instagram


CryptoCoin Kidz Cardz! Check Them Out! Hi, my name is Xen I’ve developed CryptoCoin Kidz be the first to make a bid on my new up and coming card collection more CryptoCoin Kidz Cardz coming soon. Check out my profile and my website for more of my art. Thanks.


After checking out your profile you may like my other NFTs on my profile acdell.

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Here is my first . #1 of 1000 can be yours ,


These are not the droids your looking for. This 100% original art NFT is.


Random thoughts - are they a devil in disguise?
Enjoy the nft with music on!

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