Should I burn my NFTs?

It appears that Rarible no longer supports MP3s. I uploaded some songs a while back but now when I click on them I just get the album covers and the play button has disappeared. I’m wondering if I should just go ahead and burn them.


Hi @Fairweather,

don’t hurry, I’m trying to get informations on this matter from the Rarible Team.


So I have the answer maybe :slight_smile:

What device and browser did you use to mint your NFT?

Windows 7 on a desktop PC. I use both Opera and Brave. It worked in both at one time now it doesn’t show up in any of them.

And the size of your file?

I don’t remember exactly but I know it was less than 10 megabytes.

Ok, the problem has multiple sources but it won’t solve by itself. The minting crashed so if you want to try again, try with ONE mp3 only, be sure to have a good internet speed and try using Mozilla firefox (empty your cache before and connect your wallet whatever it is, but Metamask might be a problem too in this case).

It should proceed but be aware that .MP3 and .MP4 with the evolution of the Ethereum ecosystem are at risk of crashing.


I’m not going to take the risk and upload MP3s again. I had about three or four songs up that ran smoothly for months and then one day the play button just disappeared. I’m not sure if anyone else is having this same problem but I don’t want to go ahead and take the risk. Thanks for your help though.


You’re welcome. Sorry to have no acceptable solutions.

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Should be fixed. Can you confirm it?

@Fairweather post your account so we can see your mints and check if they work… cheers

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Thanks for bringing that up, we never realized there was a bug. It should be fixed with a new release, don’t burn your tokens!


I noticed mine not working a week or so ago. I guess this is the downside of working with new technologies. I use Chrome Canary. And now as I’m typing this, I’m checking… and it works!!! Awesome. Don’t burn!


I checked on it today and they are working again. Thanks to all.


Hey ! That’s cool! I hope it’ll be the same for the other peoples who encountered problems with MP3 :slight_smile:

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