Should there be an NFT in my wallet after purchase?

Purchased 2 NFT’s today, both transactions went through fine (confirmed). The artwork is listed under my profile on Rarible, but on Etherscan there is nothing under “ERC-721 Tokens” dropdown menu. How do I get the NFT in my wallet?

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Does it display as a Rarible token? :slight_smile:

There’s RARI to claim now in the UI, but no artwork tokens in my wallet.

What is your profile?

It would display as a RARI Collection token separate from the Rarible token

Also I am able to download the NFT purchased ? i cant find purchased NFTs anywhere

I’m not sure I fully understand. You can download any picture from the internet. An NFT guarantees that the art came from a creator or specific person.

Your purchased NFTs should appear under your account in collectibles