Single, Multiple, Collection ? OH MY... Help! :)

Single seems simple enough. 1 piece. Multiple seems simple enough too, right? 10 of 10. And a collection is what? Because when looking over the fees… It would seem the fees between a Single and a Multiple are about the same. So when would I want to spend almost 900.00 in ETH to do a ‘collection’? What would the collectors get?

I know it’s a terrible newbie question, and someday, this very post will be NFTd. But the gas fees seem a tad confusing. Or I’m in need of a nice person to help me figure it out!


Cheers, Claude S.


Please do not be afraid to ask any questions for me to clarify. This took me a bit to understand when I first started out.

ERC-721(Singles) and ERC-1155(Multiples) are forms of collection contracts on many marketplaces.

RARI Collection is a generic copy-pasted contract for ERC-721(Singles) or ERC-1155(Multiples) that is cheap to all users. It’s not truly unique to you, it’s labeled as a “Rarible Collection”.

You can create your own custom ERC contract unique to your personal collection. It allows you to create your own Token Symbol and Url as a perk. The url would obviously be linkable and a great way to have others easily access tons of collections with only those certain collectibles involved. These are more expensive because the value is given through individualization.
An example would be these popular collection links:

Unless you have a solid foundation as an artist already (decent audience), or are willing to just spend thousands, I would recommend starting out slow with RARI collection and make the ERC collections as some goal in the future.

Please use the following links to understand the process of using these contracts and how to create your unique own ERC-721 or ERC-1155 Collection:


Well, all is said :slight_smile:

Don’t rush into ERC-1155 even if it presented as better as ERC-721. It’s technically true but for your use, you’ll pay a lot for nothing as long as you’re not a renowed artist.

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Thanks for sharing those links and info, that YT guy is fantastic! Maybe you will know the answers to the raised questions :slight_smile:

If I do as you and Sheratan suggest - wait until you have a good following etc - I’m wondering, say, down the line, if I have pieces on the Rarible ERC-721 and then I make my own ERC-1155 ('cause let’s face it, it looks awesome and professional), can I transfer the pieces from the 721 account to the 1155 account?

Second question - I saw on the three links you gave that none of them had followers or were following, what’s going on with that?

Ta :slight_smile:


Question 1: That’d be a nice idea. Unfortunately, that is not possible at this time. ERC-721 and ERC-1155 are separate contracts; strictly for Singles or Multiples(copies), respectively. It cannot be combined, as of yet. Once an NFT is made, there is almost nothing that can be changed about it, including the contract the token originated from.

Question 2: There are six links in total, regarding popular collections. The left is the collection url, and the right is the associated creator. The collection link is not going to have followers or a following, it’s a link you create when creating a custom ERC that tracks all of the associated ERC tokens for that collection. The right is the actual creator that made these custom contract collections, they have followers and are following others.


Great info thank you.

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Great, thank you. Am I an idiot and did I miss those right-sided links in your OP?

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Appreciate you taking the time to explain this as fully as you did.

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You can see if a person has edited their post with a little pencil next to the time the post was given. The information was always there.
You are definitely not an idiot, I miss stuff all the time and I get stuff wrong. I’m trying my best to be as informative as possible in this community and answer questions. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. I’m just happy I could help. Don’t be afraid to DM if you ever need anything, and hopefully I can help out. There are also other active members here that know stuff that I don’t and I learn from them everyday.


Very kind of you. Thanks again, and looking forward to embarking on what looks to be quite the wild ride. :smiley:

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Thank you for this response! It really shows the value and heart of this community! In thinking about this, I wonder why it is that OpenSea allows for store creation without paying the high fees. But that’s R&D for another moment. For now, thank you for this solid explanation.

As it turns out, I am somewhat ‘established’ in that I have been making work for a long time, and while I am mostly known in a set niche (electronic music/synthpop) I have also done visual art as part of it all for over 30 years. So the collection is not entirely off the table. But I am, or have been, taking this very slowly.

I am not just jumping on the bandwagon now. I have been applying to all the major sites since last June! And thus far it is these that I am most interested in thus far…

Rarible (of course)
Origin Protocol

Eventually, I will be trying all of them out one way or another, but keeping that ETH safe for the real investment of a ‘store’ or collection. Again, thank you so much for this. Rarible gets 54 points for just the community aspect.




This is another reason why I asked my question, as it is an important step. For me, it may mean creating a collection, just to house everything under one roof, but of course, the fees are pretty high.

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Very good explanation, thank you for taking the time to do it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi everyone. This is my first Post, I am happy to join the Party : )
I am a analog world Artist with lots of digital Background, more info on my profile: ELIOT theSuper

So, this is the post with the best info I could find with the topic what concerns me the most, making the right decissions. reading posts of guys like @Sheratan helped me a lot allready, thank you : )

Still I have some Questions I hope you guys would share you experience and thoughts:

I created multible MP4´s based on my analog Art ready to mint. These will all have a typical style animated. On singles, I go with detailed animations and for multibles with the clasic 180 rotation “card style”. The motives will change.

I now have to make the decission if I shall create a “collection” for these.
I am not sure if I understand the “collection” right. I am talking about 24+ Motives existing in the analog World allready I would like to transfer to crypto.

Is a “collection” the best way to go for me?

: technical

  • The “collection” is basically an “index” (easier to find) by and only on
  • I still would need to mint each one with ERC-721 (single) or ERC-1155 (multible) in a “collection”?
    = Payments are: a one time fee for “collection” + the Gas for minting each Single/Multible.

: experience
In analog World I have different type of Artworks “one of a kind” and “multiples”. (ps: If you are not familliar with this concept let me know I am happy to share my experience and thoughts on that.) On my analog Multiples I have Editions of 150 and more limited around 7-14 pieces. The less the more expensive and faster they are sold out.
What are your experiences in NFT terms? Does it even make sense to go over 25 pieces? It occours to me that the crypto Art world ist attracting more specialized collectors. There arent the “masses” who just buy a piece for flat decoration like in analog World. I guess it is better to keep it very limited to keep it special.

What are your experience and thoughts?

I am thinking to not go over 14 Pieces for one Artwork to keep it rare and special.
My price model would be pretty much my real world prices: 250$ for a multible and around 2500$ for single.
Question: is an Auction the better choice for a starting Artists new to crypto and not having 100K+ followers on social media?

Looking forward to your insights!
Thank you : )

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Hi and welcome among us @ELIOT_theSuper, :slight_smile:

So first of all, minting MP4 seems to return errors by now so be cautious !

As you may have read, technologies behing minting ERC-721 or ERC-115 are quite different but you summed up the other differences accurately.

Technically, the ERC-1155 is very expensive, but if you have a global theme where you’ll post most of your NFT, it may be interesting because they will be indexed under a 'super-theme", plus, once verified, they will appear in the hoty collections on Rarible.

In my opinion, going over 20 items of the same NFT quite kills it’s uniqueness. I minted one NFT in 50 pieces so as to gift them occasionnally to buyers and sell it at a lower price. So yes I totally agree that the less is the better, but it implies producing a lot. I think ten copies is quite satisfying unless you want to do a giveaway.

Your prices seems quite high. Unless you have a strong community in the real world ready to buy your NFTs, I would advice to begin with more reasonable prices and mint more expensive pieces once verified.

Auctions are new and I don’t think it’ll suit you as only verified users are presented on the Rarible homepage. You’ll have to communicate a lot about it to get some bids, and remember that when you accept a bid, you’ll have to pay the gas fees for the transaction.

Hope it helped.

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Thank you @Sheratan for your fast reply !
Quality content as allways.

I doupt I have a lot of crypto collectors as followers now.
I would need to build up an audience/collectors like i did and still do in analog World. (Thats really a liftime quest actually :slight_smile:

Good point on the auctions! That is costy (Fees per bid) and probably better when the audience and excitement is allready there = more likely a success. So thats for later, if I can make waves…

Can I create a collection later and add already minted pieces to that? I dont think so if the the collection is on the chain.

About the errors on MP4:
is this fixed soon or a general issue to consider. I would like to combine with my music but gif-anim would be an option too…

Still the investment to create a “collection” sounds reasonable to me so why not do it from the beginning.
I just need to add more ETH to my wallet or wait until moonig over 3K$, haha.

Have a good day
ELIOT theSuper

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No you can’t create a collection with existing NFT after (not the same technology)

for MP4, it’s an issue to consider.

the investment is interesting once you got “known”.

Have a good day too :slight_smile:

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Ok, thanks for taking the time and sharing some insight @Sheratan .

to sum it up…


  • creating collection: known issuse with MP4 files at this point.
  • collection makes more sense with existing fanbase or extensive image pool, like “cryptopunks” and the like.
  • collection might give better visibility on only. (It is a rarible internal format).


  • starting with low prices building fanbase (similar to analog Art World).
  • auctions: consider bidding costs.
  • multibles: stay around 10 (less is more special). except if “give aways” are planned (seams to get more popular) or/and existing fanbase = demand.

ELIOT theSuper


You got it right :slight_smile:

My NEW NFT here, here, here and here (NSFW). My profile is here
I always follow for follow, even on instagram where you can see my other pieces and my painting process.