Single, Multiple, Collection ? OH MY... Help! :)

Dear @Sheratan you mentioned about an issue with collections and mp4 files.
I try to research on that topic but could only find:

  • Wrong codec settings or faulty renders causing Issues with MP4.
  • File Size 30MB MAX. COMBINED (file + cover file) should NOT be over 30MB. Like MP4 file = 12MB + Coverfile= 1,2MB = OK but larger than 30MB wont go through.

Is there anything else to be aware of ? As I really like the Idea of having an own collection… :grin:

Anyone please share your experience about creating collections with MP4 files.
Thank You : )

Eliot theSuper

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Hi @ELIOT_theSuper :slight_smile:

sorry I don’t have any further informations :confused:

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I. aM. CONfuSEd.

Here is my predicament:

I want to create a “New Collection” (metaphorically, a new wing to my museum). I have 15 new pieces and I want them to be in their own area, or different from “My Items” on my profile.

Currently, as the creator I only have (metaphorically) one main area in my museum= “My Items”—How do I create a new “wing” to the museum?

Do have to create an ERC-721 or ERC-1155 to make the new “wing” for this new collection?

If so, what are the costs (I guess what percentage more is the cost to create an ERC-721 or ERC-1155?)


—wEAponiZEd PiXeLS

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Hey @AEronMusk, if your 15 new pieces are yet to be minted then you can add them to a collection that you can create to identify that the NFTs are held with your brand rather than Rarible or Foundation or whatever

If those 15 already exist as NFTs then I don’t believe they can be moved to a new collection; caveats always exist tho

As for your new wing then that is a platform question which currently doesn’t exist for what you are looking for but you can propose anything to the team as a potential improvement to the Rarible platform and you can raise that in the platform development/new features sub-group

If you create a new collection then it will be separate from your current Rarible profile page (i.e. it has its own page but you are still identified as being the creator)

As for learning about the costs, there are a couple of pages out there that give close-to-accurate current gas costs for most things and the one I regularly use is Rarible Analytics

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Hi @CoconutEspresso,

Thank you it is exactly the explanation I needed! haha

NH Collection

Good to know, thanks!

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