Snapshot Proposal: Suggested Improvements to the platform

The original proposal can be found here

Thanks for your support for our previous cause, we would like to make a few suggestions that I think would be very valuable to the platform.

Why should you listen to us?
We are a group of creators from, a company in the middle-east that provides creative projects and courses. Our group has writers, graphic designers, animators, programmers, illustrators, game devs, geeks, crazy people and more. Artwork is literally our day job!

We do not intend to implement every one of these changes, so the mods can choose the best ones and make them available as convenient.

  1. Notifications!!! please have a better way to show notifications when someone follows me and likes my posts!
  2. Please create a space for DMs, People are doing it on twitter so why not just do it on Rarible.
  3. The cover image does not automatically switch size between tablet, phone and desktop. So some pages end up looking weird on some platforms.
  4. When uploading the picture their is a mistake ‘updating’ is spelt ‘updading’
    (I am sorry if I am knitpicking but c’mon are’nt we trying to improve the platform?!!!)
  5. Check out our previous suggestion and think about making the verification faster for the reasons mentioned earlier.
  6. Have clear instructions for new artists. Let them know that unless they are not verified their artwork will not be displayed and they will not feature on the homepage nor will they pop up via search

If you read this far thank you for your time. Please vote!

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