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Fairly new to the NFT area, but a previous career in CAD means I am interested to develop 3D art.
However the Adobe suite that we have seems a bit disjointed for this - can anyone suggest the best Adobe package(s) for 3D, rendering & animation? Or alternative packages to use?


Try Revit, its part of the AutoDesk suite most likely.

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Personally I don’t recommend Adobe for rendering however for post on a NFT video, premiere or after effects is great!

You might want to look in to cinema 4d and Redshift render


I have been using Maya for 15+ years professionally, but unless you can get a EDU copy its pretty pricy for at home. At home I have been using Blender for 3D work and Nuke for compositing. They offer a free version of Nuke for personal use only.

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What settings do you use in AE for your videos intended to be linked to NFTs? I’ve had trouble recently with a broken NFT and I think the codecs are the culprit, although a recent minting with the same codecs for a different project yielded no problems…

I don’t use AE myself. I use premiere pro just to edit the colours and export. Export setting depending on what resolution your work is, I normally export at H46 and then make sure it does 2 passess at full power and also using GPU for rendering.

You can also research on YouTube for best export settings

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Hi @Vudoppio. I use mainly After Effects for my 2-D animations and tried different formats over the last years as well. I would suggest exporting one .mp4 file via Media Encoder using H.264 codec for display and you can also render directly out of AE one .mov file with Apple ProRes 422 LT codec to be unlockable content. Try to find a good balance between compression and data loss, the 30MB limit could be a problem sometimes. My NFT :point_up_2:

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Thank you! In terms of the unlockabke content, are you using a Pin Sevice like Piñata?

I´ve seen so far many different forms on rarible that can work as unlockable content. Secure download links, physical shipment, etc. The main point is to give your buyer authenticity and exclusivity as well for some, anonymity. You can check out this post for more examples: Unlockable Content for 2D illustrations


Awesome! Much appreciated!!