Sold my vinyl - got 0.01 instead of 0.09:((

I dont understand the world - i was getting a bid on my vinyl release for 0.09WETH
and after a week I accepted the bid (+200$) - gas fee was 80$ just to receive it.

i did it - and seconds later i had less money on my wallet - it turns out ot was a SECONDARY SALE!
no explanation from rarible BEFORE or AFTER - my mail just says: “You just received 0.01 WETH (~$20.40)for secondary sale of your P7R001 COMPILATION”

WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE REST IF I PAYED THE GAS FEE´s – PLEASE SOMEONE EXPLAIN - that wasnt like that when i soll my first piece for 1 ETH - how come i lost basically all of it???

thanks for you time guys - greetings from germany

if it helps here the link to the auction …

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