Some help with my first NFT please? .mp4 does not play

Ok here is an NFT that I just minted:

I am pretty sure that I did everything correct and I found this previous chain about .mp4’s not playing in the preview** window so I got that part:

However, when I upload and complete the minting process, the .mp4 does not play when I click on the animated .gif in my profile. I only see the white screen (but I can hear the audio).
I am super new to this process and wondering what I am doing wrong? Is it supposed to be like that?

Not too sure how to troubleshoot the issue (if there is one)

Thanks so much for the help - much appreciated - (sad face)

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Hey, I see you’ve solved it somehow. What was the issue? I’m running into the same thing right now.

Hiya, so it turns out that my problem was that the file that I was trying to upload was not encoded correctly. I was encoding the .mp4 using a free tool and I needed to try it again using something like media encoder or other legit tool.
I reached out to tech support and they told me to also ensure that I was using the H264 setting in terms of encoding the file.
The best* thing to do I think would be to join the discord server and reach out for help there. I did that and was able to get help pretty quickly.
I hope that this helps?


I was going to say that. How you have encoded the file will play a pretty big role in whether or not it’s compatible.