Some of my favorite 3D nft creators on Rarible

Hi everyone.
I have really enjoyed the process of chilling my art on twitter and in these forums. I have discovered so many cool artists and so much awesome art. For a while I wanted to share every once in a while, my favorites.
Yesterday I did a thread on Twitter about my favorite 3D creators (mainly toy/blisters, 3D scenes and meshes)

Click here to read the thread, it is not long at all, and you might also discover awesome stuff like I have been doing. If you do read it I would love to read your thoughts.

Today I will share some of my favorite pixel art NFT artists. If you enjoy this kind of community interaction I invite you to follow me on twitter and here on rarible. I ALWAYS do follow for follow. If you shill your NFTs on Twitter I will retweet the hell out of them. Let’s support each other!