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What can i do?? i am waiting since 5 days to a answer from the support. bit i think they excist no support.
I pay all fees as ETH.
In activities is this massege: Something went wrong
Can’t display activity card. Try again later

Support doesnt answer…

Where is my NFT , where is my money… ???
Can somebody help me…please…

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Hi and welcome among us @Lemonfuck_ghost,

Could you please provide us further informations about your problem? Is it about minting?

Can you tell us :

  • what browser are you using?
  • Did the transactions appears in your wallet? For whih amount approximately?

With this answers, we may help you.

Hi Sheratan.
Thank you very much for your interest.
i wanted sell a video during 0,56 sec. a (funny) sushi song as NFT. It was at 03.05.2021about 14:30 cest.
i sent from kraken to fortmatic eth. I didnt know how much and so i always sent a little more than the amount that was asked for fee to fortmatic.
I sent from kraken 2 times. 0,00239179 and 0,01304534
You can see on my screenshot that i have 0,01 eth in the wallet and the massage from rarible.
i Think i paid everythink. i think there was 3 fees. a small one, then 0,010998 and then against a small one fee.

i have 2 ticket number by rarible, but no answer. I wrote a mail and contact the support also with the other system.(sorry i dont know the name)
Browser: Google chrome
Wallet: Fortmatic

Thank you very much Sheratan für your help.


Hi @Lemonfuck_ghost,

it seems that the 2 step transactions proceeds normally. You encountered a bug and your NFT should have appeared since.

Try to reach the Rarible Support Team on discord (the link is available in the forum if you search “discord” in the search bar).

Here, we’re only users and can’t help more than that except trying, by experience, similar problems we could encountered before.

Thank you Seratan…

Sorry not to be more helpful, unless another user can give you a better answer than mine.