Sorry can someone help me with my pending transaction

i have a pending transaction as i tried to put my nft on sale and due to my account’s low balance(eth)it is not completed
what is going to happen to me?is there anyway to cancel that transaction

and i should say my token is minted but now im in approval step

Hi, and welcome among us

Unfortunately, ther’e’s nothing you can do for now. The gas fee is partially paid and if you didn’t have enough ETH on your wallet, it may have been lost. You’ll have to redo the transaction and repay for it hence the amount already paid is lost.

thanks a lot for your helpful answer
but gas fee isn’t even partially question is now if i send more eth to my wallet to redo the transaction is the previous transaction (which is pending now)going to complete?
i mean am i going to pay twice?

Yes, you had to repay. If nothing was debited, you will pay once only

thank you very made me feel relaxed

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