Sorting - Arranging/Organizing NFTs for collections

Hello everyone, happy Monday.

I am coming to you today with a request for improvements on the website. I have seen similar requests though for the most part it seems someone always tells the person with the request to move to another area of the forum, or rarible wouldn’t care about this. I realize having the option to sort and arrange NFTs might not be an important aspect for the entire website. But I do believe it should be a priority within collections. I am an aspiring comic book artist and trading card game creator, both of which would prove to benefit highly from this feature.

I just recently released the first 4 entries of my comic series and I have created an “about” NFT to give more information on the project. Making this about NFT my very first NFT of the collection would be optimal, then I would want to place each comic in chronological order #1, #2, #3, etc. I have seen many collections that do 1-100+ in their labeling. It doesn’t seem so farfetched to want these items to be in perfect order. I want people to be able to read my comic pages in the right order without having to sift through and locate them.

Rarible could be a great place for artist to not only display their portfolios, but almost anything in between, and some organization would go a long way here. This website doesn’t have to be a place simply to throw digital media on a website and hope that people drop 100 eth on a single piece. Rarible could easily come out on top of the NFT game, but as of right now this place is very disorganized and extremely chaotic. Why should rarible limit itself to an auction house when it could be the greatest NFT website on the web. The possibilities are limitless, we just need to expand our thinking.


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Hi @soor,

you should suggest your idea here, maybe :slight_smile: