Stuck on approve

Hey there, I created my first NFT but get stuck at the approve step.

I waited for at least 30 minutes but nothing happens. I´m using coinbase wallet and the amount of ETH for the transaction of the approval was taken from my wallet.

What shall I do? If I cancel is my money from the Mint step and from the approve step gone???


If you have done all the steps, do not play with your wallet. Just wait. Do not cancel. The process may take a long time to complete.


shit…I canceled, The NFT is showing up in my items and I was able to put it on sale from there.
It´s shown in the shop for sale now…

How is this possible after cenceling the approval progress?


Hi and welcome among us @DeinFreund

Whatever issues you encounter, always wait up to 24 hours before doing anything. it means the cancellation was ignored or it was taken in account and your NFT will disappear. from now… wait.

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dear friend, do not cancel in any way. This time depends on whether you have paid for gas in low, medium or high rejection, accordingly, your speed will increase.

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Hi @DeinFreund

I have same issue, unfortunately.
How long you stucked on “Approval” step? Everything ok with your NFT now?

Hi @yeehgon

I closed the window…my NTF showed up at my items…I see them at the market place and in my portfolio. Don´t know if everything is ok.

Hey, I really need some help.

I’ve been creating digital art for a long time and decided to move to the NFT world.

I’ve created my NFT, but when I try and create and list to Rarible, I go through, click Mint, accept it on my Coinbase Wallet, then I click create auction and it just says “Can’t create auction”.

I can see from my Coinbase wallet the transaction pending, but it does nothing?


Hi and welcome among us.

The transaction can take several minutes to proceed. Just wait.
You’d rather move to Metamask as other wallets are currently having problems with Rarible.

Thank you for your reply.

It has been days since my first one, I can’t even see the transaction on ether scan now.

But as it is showing pending,what do I do? I’ve tried contacting rarible support but they haven’t replied in nearly a week?

Sorry. At this point. I don’t really know what you can do.

guys i have the same issue. it was stuck in approve for ages after i paid the miner fee in the mint stage and i cancelled it and now when i try to create again its asking me to pay again the £80 -90 odd quid i had just paid… helpppppppppp… im so upset - i hope i havent lost my money. any advise please

Same as me, had about 5 or 6 pending transfers, none ever went through, I don’t think they will either. I’m now applying to Binance NFT as Rarible don’t seem to be providing any support at all.

ok thanks for the reply. so i take it ive lost my money then?

Not sure, I have 4 pending and 2 that failed eventually, but my ETH wallet still shows the same amount, it doesn’t look like it’s taken any of my ETH out. If you’ve got the same issue as me, then we may just see pending on Coinbase.

i just checked again now and seems its gone through. its shown in my created items and owned tabs and it allowed me to put it up for sale as well

I’ve got nothing. Think I’ll just move away from Rarible

Hello everybody,

I hope you’re fine. I’m actually begin in NFT. I went on rarible and try several times during 5 hours to fill my profil, but nothing happened. I don’t want to sell or begin to create an NFT if my profil is not a minimum fill.

Do you know why it didnt work ?

I have 350 $ in my wallet, it is paired. Everything seems to be ok, but i can’t fill my profil. Can’tput my twitter. After click on verify e-mail, nothing happened and everything disappeared.

Thnak you for your answer

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Hi and welcome among us, @Dast,

did you click on “edit your profile”?

Can you tell us more?

I wish you the best here :four_leaf_clover:

Hello, thank you !

Yes i do. I fill display name,
custom URL with a name for example as : hello12,
i put my twitter @twitter…,
and in portfolio i put
Then i put my e-mail from or It is written that is going to save the profil and i sign ok.

But i receive nothing, and everytime my profil is blank. I know that i have a computer which is old, but is it possible that its the problem ?

Thank you :slight_smile: