Stuck on approving the transaction step

I have been trying to put a collectible for sale since yesterday without success.
I’m stuck on the “approve” step, it says “progressing” and that’s about it…
Could you please give me a solution to this issue? or guidance on what might be causing it?

Thank you.

It will be necessary to wait for a while. Then it will improve. If you are not able to print at all, it may mean that you have a transaction in the queue before. You can’t print before they run out or cancel them.

Hi and welcome among us @Cielo
try to use the search bar before creating a thread. This issue has been adressed hundreds of times.

I wish you the best here.

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Thanks Sheratan, the feedback on those threats is still not clear to me. I have an ethereum wallet and not metamask…would you mind to address the possible solution to this issue?

Thanks Roy42, I’ve been waiting for an hour…when I check my transaction in my wallet in Etherscan i don’t see any transaction pending…so unsure on how to see if there is anything in the queue…

What wallet are you using? Coin base generate more errors than others.

Try to empty the cache of your browser and try again. Sometimes you may have to wait 5/10 minutes with your wallet connected for each step to proceed. You must be patient. :blush:

I’m using myetherwallet. I will follow your advice clean my browser and I will try it again…

Do you use MEW on phone and Rarible on PC?

That’s right Sheratan.

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Hi, @Cielo
Did you manage to put your collectible on sale?

No :frowning: I was trying again now…

Keep us updated, please.