Summary: Rarible Developer Call (April 16, 2021) (Audio + Cliff Notes)


Date: April 16, 2021

Time: 7:00 PM (GMT+3)

Moderators: Eric Arsenault

Scribe: Matthew Hoffman

Total Participants: (15) Luis Egea, Isaac P, Joe Gonzalez, Alex Salnikov, Greg (Picnic), Juliana, Skogard, R.L., Ian (Rodeo), Stefan | Radical, Evgeny Nacu, Brody Berson, Matt Galligan, Sergey Anufriev, Stefan

Complete Call Audio Clip


Alex Salnikov provided transparency and great update into a few key Exchange-related developments. You can listen to the audio portion starting at 1:30 to 9:17 in the link above.


  • API has been launched for the Rarible backend that works on top of Rarible contracts. Ref: API Docs. Exchange contract accepts (2) signed contracts; one says I want to buy, one says I want to sell. The structure checks if the contract is correct, the data has been entered correctly. From this it commences a transfer function; these functions can go from buyer to seller and vice versa. Need to make API call approval to NFT and ERC20 contract. 1155 and 721 are pre-approved NFTs.

Contract Addresses

Will change “token” to “collection” naming convention on protocol ID. Protocol and all mint / lazy mint items will be listed on Rarible Marketplace (delivery date: ~3 weeks from today)

  • Started to Implement Staking. As soon as this is done, team will work on layer 2 solution. Rarible currently has (3) teams working on adopting protocol effort.

POST (createOrUpdateOrder)

Related feedback on how to setup royalties with multiple beneficiaries to be included as part of a sale:

  1. Datatype (required)
  • string: RARIBLE_V2_DATA_V1
  1. Beneficiary
  • string (email address, can use more than one)
  • can also apply to royalties and configure values, but currently is a flat integer (the idea was raised to create integers
    that scale at different values)
  1. originFees (required)
  • array of objects (part)
  • you can structure an array to setup origin benefit

Ref: Royalties Scheme

Misc Note: the Order Discovery OPEN API Doc is broken.