Summary: Rarible Governance Call (April 8, 2021)

This thread is to share the meeting notes from the Rarible Governance Call which took place Thursday, April 8th. The objective of these notes is to highlight accomplishments, action items, and decisions made.To simplify post-meeting readability, I’ve consolidated into a (3) stage format below.

Decisions Summary

  • Standardization is necessity for royalties to work in more globally applied way and for purpose of commercialization.
  • A (2) part incentive structure for proposals (“x” delivered up front and “x” upon achievement of a milestone) was a generally accepted structure (see: Proposal RR2 - Phase 2)

Outcomes Summary

  1. Announced BrainTrust DAO, Mintgate, and Rodeo Proposal Acceptance. Congratulations to these teams!
  2. Breakout Rooms function within the zoom meeting was successful and worked as intended. Something to continue to do going forward. Participation from the Rarible Community shows strong aggregate of creative/gifted thinkers.

Action Item Summary

  1. Ensure attendees signup for Rarible newsletter.
  2. Invitation to join the Clubhouse Meeting - The NFT Archives: Preserving Meta Data.
  3. Kyle Stargarden team to provide knowledge graph that tracks all users of Rarible and define the patterns that lead to wash trading. My assumption is that they are using a machine learning model to identify patterns. Recommend they show how they are tracking it and how they train their models to improve as more data is collected. This will help people realize their value faster IMO.

If you would like to review the full meeting notes document, you can access it here:

Rarible Governance Call Notes

Even though GoogleDrive butchers formatting when converting from Microsoft Office, the presentation can be view here:

Rarible Governance Call Presentation

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