Support did not help - NFT category

for weeks I am waiting for the support team asking me how to choose or change a category. PLease answer or mak a possibility. I aslo ask myself, how others did choose the category music? In my opinion it’s just the music from rarible what they showcase.

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Hi @mokusgreen - sorry the experiences has been frustrating. It’s not entirely clear to me if what you’re needing is to solve a glitch or make a feature request. For technical challenges, or any thing else you want assistance with for that matter, I recommend registering here:

The only real effective way the @rarible team can track requests such as this in a meaningful way is through a platform like Zendesk. No guarantees this will work, or you will receive an answer, but playing by their rules is a good start :slight_smile:

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I did this already several times. Until today without an answer.