Tech trouble in price lowering process

I lowered the price of my item. But after the transaction, the window froze! Well it’s not deadly stuck actually. The blue ring is spinning. And I can’t move forward from Approving transaction to Signing. The cost of approving was average, not low. Transaction was successful according Etherscan. 30 minutes have passed. Rarible interface won’t let me sign the action. the price has not changed. I don’t think anything will change.

What should I do? :anguished:

Hey @ordinal_name; my experience is that I’ve never had to pay for lowering the price of an already minted single or multiple so let’s start there

From your query it seems you’ve already minted a collection and you want to reduce the price of it, would that be correct?

Is it ERC1155 or 721?

Can you add a link to your problem please :slight_smile:

Oh that’s bad, Now I’m worried… Where did the payment go?

As a new creator I’m not sure what is it, ERC 1155 or 721 but this is in standard Rarible Collection. Here is my item. The price is still the same.

Transaction hash 0x957e46dfccd978dfae2a7dd56a654cf2700a514ee74f9038bdf9ce750d81a160

OK, it’s not bad - we just need to isolate the problem :slight_smile:

You can create a ‘collection’ that you get to name and then mint all your new pieces within that collection; so instead of the piece saying it’s owned by Rarible (or whatever) it will say owned by xyz

Some people use it as a higher standard for their brand and it can be quite effective but the caveat with that is it’s more useful when you have a good, strong, network of potential collectors

So, you haven’t done that; next question is - with your profile page open and you’re looking at your minted edition, did you click on the three dots in the top right corner on the NFT and choose from the drop-down ‘change price’ which activated the next step as shown in this image

And after that you would have had a pop-up that said ‘set price’ (sign message to set fixed price) and a request for you to sign the order?

PS - what was the cost of the gas fee?

I clicked on three dots, selected “price change”, entered a new price. After that, Rarible offered me to “Approve collection”. I did it. And this is where it stuck. This was the first step before “Set price - Sign message to set fixed price”. This is the problem I’m talking about :slightly_frowning_face:
Just like on screanshot.

Now I have even more questions… Why was Rarible re-requested “Approve collection” for price changing?
:question: :exclamation:

Out of interest, how much was your gas fee?

I just changed the price on two of mine - one a 1/1 and the other 7/8 and neither asked for gas

When you minted the piece, did you get the usual ’ ‘need to pay a one time fee for creating on this platform’ and did you pay it all (and how much was it if you can remember but the info needed is was it paid?)

Let’s see…
Today my Approve collection cost was something about $3.5
In first time when I minted my item - something about $1.8 or $2. It was nearly 2 month ago. Initially there was some transaction promblems but then my NFT appears on the site.

Should I try to changing the price again without any approval fees? If any fees show up, I’ll just cancel it.

Yeah well you seem to be doing everything right and I can see there’s nothing peculiar about your piece that would activate the approval fees, so it’s worth a try :slight_smile:

What is your new price?

It worked! After take 2 it’s okay now. IDK what was wrong today, maybe when I minted NFT at first time 2 month ago there was something wrong with the Approval transaction.

I’ve lowered the minimum allowable cost in order to appear in the top for the first time; because this is my first day as a verified creator.

Thank you SMARTPopArtist that you took part in my situation, you gave me the right idea.


Stoked it finally worked out for you @ordinal_name and my pleasure :slight_smile: