The Artist Journey to Crypto

Hi, my name is Eliot theSuper.
I am an established analog Artist with digital Knowledge.

Check my Account and linkTree for detailed Information.


After nerding all over CRYPTO and NFT I decided to create a kind of diary with my motivation, experience, mistakes and insights about my journey to Creation and Minting.

I want to create NFTs for my creativity following my specific style. The posts by @Sheratan and @JayComtois JayComtoi have been very helpful for me and I hope I myself can give to the community.

I hope this is interesting for beginners and pros.

A thread about the whole process in perspective of me the Artist, not just one specific topic or problem – the complete roundtrip.

Sharing insights, avoiding mistakes, triggering discussions and so forth.

  • What NFT? My personal viewpoint as an analog world Artist.
  • WHY ME NFT? My motivation, why I want to be part of it and go digital/crypto/NFT
  • To MINT or not to MINT? My personal view on minting Artworks or licencing Images. My decision how I want to do it.
  • How WHAT? My personal starting point.
  • MASTERPLAN. How I set up my Milestones and Position myself.
  • COMTENT. Insight of how I create my content and different approaches.
  • MINTING. This is where I am at…

Let`s Go !


What NFT?

  • NFT is the “certificate of authentic” for digital files (and analog goods).
  • This is why it is the game changer to Digital Artists.
  • ART for the first time is going digital by NFTs.

NFT to me is the “Certificate of Authenticy” for digital Files. Certificates are well known in the analog Artworld and usually come with the artwork to, well… certificate that this is the real deal. NFT ist that for digital Files but also much more, most important are (next to creator) ownership and history of the Piece.
It is also the transition of Art to digital age.

As a musician I witnessed the transitions of the Music-World from analog Vinyl and MCs to digital stream via minidisc-cd-mp3 players. As we know that didn’t go well for traditionalists (I was talking very early that just live stage shows won´t do it for us Musicians). Today clever algorithms of tech companies dictate our playlist. The Labels/Musicians are just bystanders – Musicians (the content creators) getting the smallest percentage of the cashflow (not cool). In my opinion because choosing “Party before Business” and “let the Managers handle it” - what worked great around 30 Years or so, then in early 2K the Internet, MP3 and Tech Companies took over.

My point always has been to be in full control of my work, output, presentation and marketing. In the beginning that was needed because when I started Graffiti or BeatBox that was a micro subculture and to make a living off it required your personal full attention otherwise no one cared. There was simply no money and no resources to outsource as the Market too small in the beginning (the classic garage start up scenario). This is much more work but in the process, when time goes by, the subculture became more popular and now as a growing Market emerges you are in a best position as you have full control, good network and detailed knowledge of all processes to handle. The internet as an easy, inexpensive way to publish gave a big boost to “self representing artists”.
Crypto/Digital Art with NFT in place for athenticy is now ready to fly…

Hi, my name is Eliot theSuper.
I am an established analog Artist with digital Knowledge.

Check my Account and linkTree for detailed Information.



The Beginning. WHY ME NFT?

  • I have a huge interest in technology and use it already in my analog world
  • I like being part of new movements (pioneering). I did so with my homepage, CGI feature movies, computer games and Beatbox.
  • I think the shoe fits. My Art, my Skills, my Interests.

My Art is Pop and flashy and Neon and everything. I think it will work great with crypto/digital. Sure the real Piece is more than just an Image with all the paint and texture and everything reality 3D eye candy. That’s why I don’t believe just minting a JPG of an analog artwork will do.

I for myself want to use my digital skillset to, along with my analog creations, making something new or a “translation” to digital.

I started as a teenager with Graffiti, was part of Computer Games and CGI feature Movies in my twens and as well I create Music. So finally it is possible that I combine my whole toolbox to create 360 content (analog/digital) with animation and sound following my ideas and style.

So to me the creative process is on focus not just remarketing existing artwork or licensing to tech people who deal with all the rest.

Also I don’t need the money. First of all I see it as a chance to be part of something new I am personally interested in and like to create.

My experience is that with that approach Money and Fame will follow (it is just a matter of time : ).

Also I created over the years a huge pool of Images that now can be reloaded to digital. It is a new business field and the shoe fits.

Well I could and have done this before but NFT certificates me as creator, handles the amount (single or edition) ownership and therefore creates a Market and Subculture with Galleries, Museums, Collectors, Creators and a general Audience. We all are a Community. That’s a big Deal!

This is huge Value - not just another cat video or some fast money. It is like the analog Art-World in digital terms.


Hi, my name is Eliot theSuper.
I am an established analog Artist with digital Knowledge.

Check my Account and linkTree for detailed Information.



To MINT or not to Mint?

  • Because I like the idea.
  • I am able to create digitally.
  • I have a bounch of Motives allredy to translate into digital.
  • Similarities to the analog Art-World today.

Well, just because Banksy uses spraypaint and shreds Atwork – Not everyone does. Digital is just an (old) Medium. Meaning if you, as an Artist, don’t feel comfortable with digital, you don’t need to do it. As an Artist you express by using different techniques you are comfortable to transport your own Style of seeing things. Authentic and originality is key. For me, what I can do and want to present, it makes so much sense to go digital with NFT.

If you hate computer (can’t create yourself) just in wanting the million$ (because Beeple made it) then I doubt this will work out for you.

To clearify, there are a lot of well known Artists who have no time or no clue to produce their own digital content but have the Name to promote and to make Money. This will lead to “Studios” creating the images needed/wanted for NFT and “Galleries” licensing and marketing the name and images produced. This happens in analog Art-World as well, you would be surprised how few big names are actually hands on involved in their creations.

The Christos are to mention here as an example of do it yourself and Jeff Koons as an example of marketing work actually others have done (and sometimes don’t even get paid).

The movie “exit through the gift shop” gives a perfect example of someone having no clue, ordering an army of creatives and just slapping his name (and paint) over the best output being lucky (or a perfect marketer) to create a momentum. And maybe this IS the marketing.

Best known and most expensive Artists are mostly more Marketing than Idea and Production. Picasso and Warhol told/showed us so.

Both works. Maybe Beeple

really produces astounding Artworks every single day in amazing quality and with great Ideas all by himself. Who knows? Who cares?

Anyway this is a decision about personal work ethics, how you want to work and what skills you have.

Hi, my name is Eliot theSuper.
I am an established analog Artist with digital Knowledge.

Check my Account and linkTree for detailed Information.




  • My personal journey.
  • How it started for me
  • Surprises

A Gallery Owner told me about the Crypto Art movement in early 2020. I knew blockchain and watched the first Pizza payed in $BTC. As a tech enthusiast I like and understand the Idea but the (in my eyes) usage for just highly speculative money making had no gain to me and what I am doing.

But NFT combined with ART is THE GAME CHANGER and makes sense for me and my creation.

I instantly realized while talking with the Gallery that NFT will finally be the transition to digital for Art. It is all MP3 all over again!

I want to be with the pioneers of crypto. Months later the Beeple sensation knocked everyone out and the crazy NFT “kick off” began. Everyone talked about and started minting minutes later.

I was in the middle of developing what and how and got nervous to miss out. But I am old enough to know that trying to jump on the hype train will get you railed if not prepared well. So rather minting asap I focused on exchange, investigation, wallet, first ETH exchange what platform/marketplace and most of all how do I want my first Crypto-Art to look. Learning After FX for what I want to do was one challenge.

To my surprise, quite a few collegues are with it too and my Gallery in Hamburg (Not the one I was talking about NFT the first time) focusing on street and urban art is an old crypto Guy. He Guided my through the process of creating a Wallet and knew the technological terms.

As an analog Artist making money, it is already hard to find Collegues on the same level for exchange so I feel really lucky to have friends who are nerdy enough to create digital content, know about computers and the internet and understand the meaning of crypto, chain and NFT.

I will drop with that Gallery soon, we will build our representation together. Check their Profile here:


With my experience of the analog Art-World I knew those things will be important (it is the same like with any business):

  • Beeing unique.
  • Consistent.
  • Create different “Product” lines (one of a kind vs. editions).
  • Value by exclusivity (expensive = one of a kind).
  • Audience by low entrance point (affordable = editions).
  • Clear differences between the affordable and expensive but also clearly your style.
  • Know what you are doing (technology).
  • Have a Plan (when, what, how with whom).
  • Have Partners (manpower, networking, exchange, marketing).


  • Different Product lines (Editions/Single)
  • Content focus on the different lines. Unique Animation vs. repeatable Setup.
  • Pixel size and Software: FPS, Photoshop, After FX, Soundbooth
  • Choice of container: MP4, high quality setting, including sound, small file size.

At the very beginning I first experimented with gif animation in a typical card style “swing” and wanted to include more computer fx like dither rasterisation (I find very aesthetical) to reflect the way of digital creation. But in the end I decided to focus on the parts of my Work rather on the technology. The most outstanding are (beside the flashy colours) the look of the real spray painting and the drips. Most of my work is in Portrait orientation. 100x70 cm and 70x50 cm and Square I use the most in analog.

At my first shots I use the Images which worked well already in analog Art-World. They have an audience and collectors. They are flashy, loud and are based on iconic things and food. My Neon-Rainbow series started 2012 with a colourfull Soft Ice Cone. I love using crazy colours, lots of glitter and metallic, Gold, Silver, Glow in the Dark etc. I let it drip. So Drips are an important part of my imagery and I wanted the Drips to be animated.

One of a kind

Animation Loop.
My base is a high Quality Foto of the original, analog spraypainted Artwork on Canvas. I use After FX to let the drips flow and create a loop around 8-9 seconds. Also I create sound for this Loop.

Image size, codec & bitrate

I like the Idea of using my animation loop on a normal Monitor so a collector or gallery also could hang it physically. As well I wanted to keep filesize small (under 10mb) but high quality. I ended up using 1920x1080 and the h.264 codec (MP4 container) by 24fps and 20-40 bitrate with every 6th frame as key for 8 seconds = 192 images total. Audio wise I stick to the default codec (acc) with 44.1khz and kbps of 192 what is basically cd quality to the normal ear.

Also, as I create Series and using Motives from the past and future, I created a basic setup containing the canvas and the loop transition.

For each new NFT I have to change the motive, create the individual drip animation and a signature, my “Tag”. The Loop transition and sound will be the same, at least for a while. I probably change it when I get bored : )


For the Editions I will use the same motives but they are much less complicated. I use a square format 1080x1080 to keep it playable on physical monitors.

I like the aesthetics of the 180 degree “crypto card swing” animation going from left to right and hold centered for a short time.

In analog Art-World I sell very small, framed photographs of sold out editions. What started as a Gimick and giveaway sells quite good and people love them for little collections and as presents or for their kids.

I basically rebuild this Item in After FX: a Frame with the Image, doing the card turn loop. The sweep FX in After FX gives a nice “shiny glow”. I stayed with the same codec fps and 8 seconds loop like the main edition. As I am having more viraities of Images I used different parts of a song I created and fits the images. The signature Tag will change every new Year.

Once the setup was done I basically only have to exchange the Image. That makes the creation very fast and easy.

I am excited as I like both creations a lot. I think I did well in making a clear difference between Unique and Edition, reflecting expected higher prices for the unique pieces with individual animation and lower prices for the Crad-Style Editions. Still you recognize my style in the very first blink.

Hi, my name is Eliot theSuper.
I am an established analog Artist with digital Knowledge.

Check my Account and linkTree for detailed Information.


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This is where I am at right now…
My insights up until today:

  • When minting a movi file MP4 you get asked to “Upload Cover”.
    I recognized if you just upload a still, then your Movie will be presented with that still. So I have to create Gif Anims for the “preview” I guess, to make the preview animated and you can see it is an animation when scrolling through.
  • Description. I have to come up with a nice description.
  • Unlock Link. This will be a PWD protected Folder or ZIP with the original MP4 to download from my Webpage. I think I put in a PDF of my CV and Info to the file as well.
  • I will start with Editions.
  • I want to create a collection right away, but have to double check as I was told there might be bugs on collections with mp4 files.

I recognized on that Gas Price by Time of Day Sundays seems to be stable low around 32-56gwei.

But do this with ERC-721 for the unique pieces and ERC-1155 for the Editions or all on ERC-1155 as single and multiples are doable on 1155 ?
I have to decide.

Good infos I found usefull:

gif creator takes single files or mp4 and makes gif anims. directly in browser, no downloads or registration.

Tokens explained

Rarible Tools

ERC-721 vs ERC-1155

RIGHTS (copyrights and usage of files owning/selling NFTs):

GUIDE of minting an nft on rarible.
Good video on how to create an NFT and thoughts on collections.

Hi, my name is Eliot theSuper.
I am an established analog Artist with digital Knowledge.

Check my Account and linkTree for detailed Information.



The last hours I tried to create a “collection” and mint my first NFT Edition.
I give up for today, take some sleep and see if I have more look tomorrow.

What happened?!

  • Creation of “collection” stuck in transfer process
  • Learning how to kill a stuck transaction on coinbase wallet
  • Retry
  • Stuck on rarible “Collection deployment – Wait until collection will be deployed”

At first this looked all great and dandy. I set up my “collection”. But it took me some time until I was happy with my gif anim as the Icon.

When I finally hit the “create” button I got the notification on my wallet and I send it off.

After that I created my .zip files and gif anims for the NFTs I wanted to mint with the new “collection”. 2 hrs later I realized that the transaction for my “collection” still is stuck on the chain as the etherscan website reports.

I investigated the problem and found out that most likely the gas fees have been set too low and therefore the transaction doesn’t get picked up. I assume that happened because I had the window for the “collection” creation open all the time and that reserved the process with an old gas pricing that was too low when I actually hit the button to proceed?

I thought the best is to restart and try with higher gas so I followed the explanations to override the stucked transaction by sending a new one out with the same “Nonce”. That worked.

I hitted the create button on rarible again but since then the process didn’t go no where. Stuck “Collection deployment – Wait until collection will be deployed” window with a rotation “process indicator”…

I kill the process (closing Mozilla) and start fresh tomorrow.

Good Night and Good Day.


Hi, my name is Eliot theSuper.
I am an established analog Artist with digital Knowledge.

Check my Account and linkTree for detailed Information.



YEAH today the chain was FAST and CHEAP.
I am happy minting a “collection” and 6 collectibles :champagne: :clinking_glasses: :tada:
super MINIES

  • Problem Solved: “the adress is taken”
    I just changed the adress in the “edit” window. So I was able to use the “superMINIES” adress again for a collection. That was easy but who thought that it is THAT easy : )
  • the minting for the collection went through and so where my first collectibles.
  • I selected the “normal” instead of “cheap” otpion for Gas. That was just a $ more but super fast.
  • All collectibles are MP4 files (~ 8 seconds loops, 1080x1080, 24 fps, below 10MB) and a gif anim for cover (320x320 pixel, 12 fps, around 2MB). NO issues at all, happy to report @Sheratan .
  • On one it showed the “broken link” icon. After a few minutes and reloads on firefox without succes, I checked my wallet and it showed up, then on Microsoft Edge and it was fine on Firefox as well. So I guess patience is key here too, it just needs some time…
  • The last one is still in the queue. maybe the fast times are over again : ) but I learned to wait !
    thanx to @marcocrociart @JRH

Now I get some sleep and think about pricing :grin:

Hi, my name is Eliot theSuper.
I am an established analog Artist with digital Knowledge.

Check my Account and linkTree for detailed Information.



ETH very bullish!
So I was lucky to change 2 times 250,- € March/April each in “the dip” = 500,- € .
That grew to over 750,-€ til now.

So on Sunday, i spent around 350€ fees for a collection and minting 6 pieces.
that was cheap.

And, because ETH is so bullish, my account is back over 525,- € today.

So with a little patience and eyes on the Market (ETH - EUR/$) you can use the momentum to transfer your gains on ETH for minting. Awesome :partying_face:

Hi, my name is Eliot theSuper.
I am an established analog Artist with digital Knowledge.

my collection superMINIES
Check my Account and linkTree for detailed Information.

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Today I minted some more…
This time my “one of a kind” pieces with idnividual Animation (drips dripping).
These are based on my analog artwork. rendered vertical 1920x1080 mp4 24fps (not much action just dripping : ) 9 sec loops including soundsnipped of my music.

I decided to create an erc-721 collection with these singles.

Collections are pricy, but I want to build up, establish this style and I think it makes much more sense on the long term. In the end these collections dont cost more than a few paints and canvases. So this is good investment to my thinking.


Hi, my name is Eliot theSuper.
I am an established analog Artist with digital Knowledge.

Please follow my Account and see linkTree for detailed Information.
Please give some hearts to my unique collection :love_letter: and mini colletion :love_letter:

All my minted items… I appreciate if you would leave them some :hearts:
thank you :hugs:

singles / on of a kind

multiples / edition of 15 each

Hi, my name is Eliot theSuper.
I am an established analog Artist with digital Knowledge.

Please follow my Account and see linkTree for detailed Information.
Please give some hearts to my unique collection :love_letter: and mini colletion :love_letter:

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The journey continues. Gas fees are crazy at this point, so minting and buying is only for badasses who dont mind spending the top $.

Time to investigate in some Problem I have with my erc721 collection:

  • the “cover/icon” doesnt show in my wallet.
  • everything is fine on rarible and opensea, the “cover/icon” shows there.
  • all good with the “cover/icon” of the collectibles minted in that collection.
  • erc1155 collection “cover/icon” shows fine in wallet as well.

I digg some deeper and found out about the ingrediens a token has:

  • Metadata
  • JSON
  • URI

These regulate different parts of a contract wich are editable. I am not a programmer nor undertand the details of a contract but checking on etherscan .

I got this error message “Error: Returned error: execution reverted: ERC721Metadata: URI query for nonexistent token” on the collection contract, query the tokenURI.

So my thinking is there might be a broken link or so causing the “cover/icon” not to be effective.

How to change that?

I finally got some response by a opensea tech. he wanted to look at it…
will update as soon I have new information.

If you want to try out for yourself: search on etherscan with your contract nr ( below the Icon is the long cryptic nr.).
On the right uper side click on "