The background of the artwork I have bought has been changed!

completely changed! I am very surprised how is it possible! When I was bidding it was on the white background, when the transaction has been completed the background became black! Strange!

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and you’ve contacted the seller? I genuinely don’t see what we can do about it :man_shrugging:

hello:) it could be a new feature of rarible, where the nft may contain changeable/variable components within the said nft in terms of utility, or in this case, visuals…

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There May have been a transparency when it was created when you go to view it, it may turn back to the original color. Try looking in your wallet and online see if there different.

Hello there,

I checked your link and at first glance I think I know the answer. The artwork is minted on Async Art. Async is known for programmable layers. If the artist who owns the “Master Layer” changes the design at any time, he can do so. This means whoever holds the NFT will see the design “live”. Some artworks from there change depending on the day etc. At Async a collector can also buy layers and change it themselves, there are many cool things you can do as a creator over there. An amazing example is, you can make a tree grow for exactly 100 years and if you have a screen to view the NFT for that amount of time, you’ll really see it grow.

I might also create a few stuff over there for my new personal nft artworks soon but you have to apply to be approved.

I hope I answered your question. The name of their site is Async Art