Tips and best practices to find interesting artists (?)

Hi everyone,

Although a lot of us have been creating for years, I guess that is correct to consider everyone a noobie in the crypto art :wink:

So far, my feeling is that the amount of noise in the NFT space is just insane. That makes quite difficult to find interesting artists, new ideas, etc. Just to be clear, I have no problems considering anything art. :slight_smile:

Do you have any recommendation?

Thanks a lot!



Its hard to give you recomendations about art , maybe if you are more especifc what you like it could help .
Everyone have a diferent vision and opinion ,which is really good.

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Absolutely, you are right.

Maybe I should just ask “what are your tips to find new interesting artists?”. Are you just check the front page? Jumping from profile to profiles? etc.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is a great tread with loads of art.

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Hi, I’m open mindied toward art byut very classical on my tastes, so it’s really difficult to give advices on such a subjective matter.

One man’s trash in another man’s treasure :smiley:

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