Token Burn after Selling?

has someone here ever had the case that the seller burned his token 1/1 after the end of the auction and a highest bit. And is it ok to mine it again now that it was auctioned?

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Have you? which one was it?

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So, you’re saying - you were the highest bidder, the auctioner burnt the token when the bidding ended, the auctioner has now re-minted the piece for either a new auction or a fixed price; would that be right?

If so, it’s a sort of scummy ebay move when someone didn’t get what they wanted and so cancelled the auction

I guess if NFTs can be anything then that means they can also be misused just like this

Care to share more?

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The Auktion was endet at 18.45 Uhr

have no idea how to burn after the end.

OK, can you give more info about what it is you are asking and what it is you are hoping for as an end result?

It seems from your image that what I mentioned earlier is what happened and you obviously haven’t paid him for anything so :man_shrugging:

okay i think it’s just not like an ebay auction (that the last one wins automatically) but the seller can accept the bid within the auction phase or not and then burn his work. Can it be like that?

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OK, I meant that the person selling behaves like in an ebay auction where they didn’t get the bids they were hoping for and so cancelled the auction or, in this case, burnt it and re-minted it

I think it’s a shitty thing to do and it’s no good if you feel pissed about it but I guess the takeaway is - you don’t buy from this seller again or bid on his/her auctions

Oh, PS - it doesn’t look like @FaithGrace sold her item to SOVIET - it was the other way around and now she has it up for sale/an auction

thats right,In her purchase you can also see the process where she bid was accepted and she are now selling it again, but funny that she were the first to answer my question …

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You seem to be getting a bit confused here; who is it you are talking to and what is it you are accusing them of?

EDIT - OK, you edited your question after my question; but, again, what is it you are accusing @FaithGrace of?

that’s a misunderstanding, I’m not blaming anyone … everything has been cleared up … thanks and bye

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Glad you got it sorted, sort of …

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Make a bid on it if you want it. I always accept bids at the right price and do not withdraw just before auction ends. That would be naughty now wouldn’t it?

Have a nice day :slight_smile: