Token minting doesn't go through

Hey guys,

I’ve been trying to create an NFT for the past couple weeks without any luck. Every time I try to mint a token, I get a message saying - We’re very sorry that we couldn’t deliver your transaction at this time. Our team is looking into this right away. Please try again later.

I tried using both, slow and fast options, it says the same.
Is there any way to solve this?

Thank you for any suggestions in advance,


Are you minting above the maximum allowance of ten megabytes?

isn’t the maximum file size 30mb?

I am also getting this error. and file size is under the maximum file size limit. Not sure what to do. Ive also tried fast and slow options.

Thank you ,
S Nardi

This seems to be a common issue but nobody seems to know why it’s happening to so many users.
Does anyone from Rarible view these threads? It would be really helpful to understand why so many of us can’t get our collectibles to mint. Mine successfully minted and ETH was taken etc and still nothing appears in my shop and nobody seems to be able to help!



I created an item a few weeks ago, no problem.
But the last week or so, keeps saying is no possible, or network error and so on like you guys, so i haven’t been able to create or upload anything.
Seems to be very common lately

Something similar happened to me yesterday i got in contact with rarible but the only answer i got was we are looking into it meanwhile ETH was taking from my Metamask wallet. is really frustrating.

Same problem here.
Q: are these ETH spent in unfulfilled minting gonna be returned?


Same just now. Is there any updates on what’s causing this?

Same here. Successfully minted and nothing appears in my shop. This is crazy… :rage:

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same here I minted my work, and in the end I lost my ether and got nothing in return in my shop.
it feels a bit scammy


Same here.
I tried like 10 times

great I managed to get one item online just accidentally, now they took another 80$ dollars worth of ether from my account for what?!

this whole thing with fortmatic doenst seem to work, I read somewhere else that other have more succes using metamask.

but Im having doubts using this platform because they just take ether for no reason and get nothing in return

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Can you please provide me Rarible contact.

Thanks in advance.


same experience here

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I made the same experience. Till now my theory is the following, maybe some of it is what’s happening:
the shown amount of eth that is needed in the minting dialog seems to be buggy. it shows some dollar, even it its ~ 80 $ to mint in that moment.
the message We’re very sorry that we couldn’t deliver your transaction at this time. Our team is looking into this right away. Please try again later. is appearing if you try to mint but don’t have the needed amount in your wallet.
it you have enough in your wallet, it will go through, you will see something like 5 $ but actually it will have cost 80.
maybe its totally wrong but I had this problem a couple of times and it seemed to go like I described.
This is tricky for ppl with a small amount of creational material like eth, you suddenly use 80 dollar while you click OK seeing the amount of 5 dollar.

i still don’t know anything more that what I observed


Same happened to me today.

I was minting two collectibles, transferred Eth worth $80 and at the end of the process (last step of the modal where it says “sign contract” or so, the modal just disappeared and was gone.

Loss of $80 for nothing. And there’s no support line or whatever.

Same here, tried multiple times, nothing, also the fee pop up is pretty buggy, it changes each time you click on it, once it showed 75$, then 7$ and now is 5$ but of course it doesn’t even work, same error over and over.

Also they don’t even have a support team, that is pretty strange, how can you run such a project without any support?


Just tried uploading my first NFT, gas payment went through but it’s stuck on “Mint Token.” No idea what to do from here. If I cancel the process is my payment lost?


it just doens’t work, a lot of people have lost their fees and artwork haven’t even posted on Rarible.