Tokenomics improvement proposal(RARI)

Many Defi projects burn their tokens to eliminate their inflation. This supports the
incentive to keep the token in your wallet as its price in stable times will not fall
down over time.

I want to bring up for a loud discussion the further ecosystem for the RARI token.
Our joint decision will originate the development of healthy tokenomics based on
the protocol.

Project steps
Version 1:
● Create an NFT (non-fungible token) mark (“RARIble - Burn day”) on the
official account
● Put it up for an auction on the same day for sale to everyone.
● Set a price. For example, a minimum of 10 RARI.
● Sell as many copies as possible.
● Then, the next day, burn that total amount of the RARI tokens that was
ultimately generated from the sale of the mark.

Version 2:
● Currently, a certain percentage of the sales of their NFTs on the platform go to the public purse of the Rarible DAO
● A certain amount of funds is transferred to the public purse every month.
For example, $1,000,000
● Then we will buy RARI tokens for 20% of this amount from the liquidity
● After that, we should burn the purchased tokens.

Use of funds
No money is required for this offer. The main thing we need to do is to request the
developers to create this option from the final protocol

I receive calls every Thursday. So, I’d like to hear all the proposals concerning this
issue. Please write your questions and suggestions in the comments. You can also
edit the open document.

Why should Rarible DAO fund this?
What is the benefit for holders of the RARI tokens?
How will this help or benefit the ecosystem?
This will:

1. result in increasing the token price.
2. reduce the risks of decreasing the token rate due to inflation.
3. improve the ecosystem for the RARI token.
4. create an increased demand for this token.
5. provide an opportunity for the most active members to receive an
additional reward for burning the largest amount of RARI tokens (I am
currently working on creating a full-fledged reward system for members
of the DAO Rarible community)