Treasury Management

I have been reading through the forum and I haven’t seen much in regards to treasury management. So I wanted to put something out here to hopefully spark up a conversation and see what everyone thoughts and opinions are. I’ll start the conversation with some of the ideas that I have kicking around in my head.

As it stands now 100% of the treasury is in $RARI. It could be a fiscally responsible decision to liquidate a portion of that into stablecoins. Doing so would give the treasury’s balance sheet less exposure to market conditions and the stablecoins could be put to work generating yield.

Spending is the other piece of the treasury pie. A portion of the treasury is there to grant funding to creators and developers to build on the Rarible Protocol. But to what extent? If we want to fund all of the following there should be some budgetary consciousness.

I’m curious to see what everyone’s thoughts are on this!