Tried bidding on an item - said "insufficient funds" then took my money anyways and did not bid

Hey, I just tried bidding for the first time - i had 18$ in ETH in my wallet and was spending about 12$ total including gas fees. It then spent the money but did not bid on the item.

Has this happened to anyone? Anyway this can be fixed? Mods?

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Definitely same for me

Same exact thing. I’m just glad I only lost about $13. Looks like this got really popular and now they’re screwing over new people. And of course no mods. No support. This really sucks.

Was this resolved for you? Just happened to me for $300+.

Same issue with me. First time bidding, had plenty of funds, initial conversion to WETH worked, but then got “insufficient funds” message. Closed that pop-up and see that I still have 0 WETH in wallet, but the ETH has been deducted. However I do see the WETH at zerion site.

Well, the glutton for punishment that I am, I tried to place a bid a 2nd time as I thought "maybe I didn’t leave that popup open long enough for the transfer to complete before hitting the check for balance button. Well, left it open for about 1.5 hours, and still said “Not enough money” while zerion says I have three times the amount of WETH that’d I need. However my wETH in rarible says 0 wETH. So then I got the bright idea that I needed to convert some of my ETH to wETH via the convert button with rarible prior to doing the bid… maybe breaking it out into two steps would help the process… well… nope. Went thru the convert, and my wETH value still says 0. So much for being able to bid :confused:

Same problem here. How do I get my deposit back?


hopefully they fix this soon or Rarible will be dead.

Did anyone else’s get resolved??

So for an update… next day I checked and all the wETH which was showing in zerion was now showing available in my rarible account. Not uncertain if it was just a delay issue, or was resolved by support as I had sent them an email (tho no response to the email as of yet). I noticed when trying to place a bid again, that it gives me option for ETH, but not wETH… which seems odd to me. But anyway, I converted from wETH back to ETH, placed the bid and then didn’t close the pop-up until the conversion from ETH to wETH had completed. I then clicked the checked balance button, and all was right in the world.

Anyway, that’s my experience, your mileage my vary.

Same here. Lost 10$. This is starting to smell SCAM.

nope, thats the transaction gas fee for converting from ETH to wETH on the network, almost every transaction, transfer, and exchange has a gas fee. its how the Ethereum network is designed and why it’ll be getting an upgrade this summer, which will greatly reduce fees

this thread goes up!!!

What’s happening here??? Is this sorted???

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Same thing, but with accepting a bid, i have around 6$eth, the fee is around 1$eth, when i accept the bid it starts doing the transaction but then i get an error message saying: returned error insufficient funds for gas * price + value.