Trouble uploading to profile

Hi everyone,

I am new here- I am having some real trouble uploading to my profile.
First item has appeared as burnt… and is not listed under created. It is only viewable in activity bar.
I have reached out to support and they have informed me it will be resolved.
This morning I have tried to upload another Item- it minted and smart contracts were signed successfully. From there it was pending indefinitely. It has appeared as an error in activity bar. And once again no where to be found…

Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi and welcome among us @0x1c405d8101d4eda35a

Yes, sometimes the site is slow. Wait several hours.

I wish ou the best here :four_leaf_clover:

Thanks for the reply.
Currently two days since burnt NFT, still currently showing same status.
6+ hours since 2x uploads this morning and still no sign of either of the new uploads today.
Am I looking at days- weeks for these issues to be resolved?
Is there a way to ensure they appear straight away or is this normal?

Like I say, I am new here but this seems like an odd setup seeming as the payment etc processes instantly?

Yes indeed. Some issues can takes several weeks to resolve.

Look after the “burnt” NFT on OpenSea