Troubleshooting Rarible API invalid signature for creators Error

Hello all,

I am trying to get the rarible api up and running in a test environment. getting as far as post and have gone through prior steps successfully. Once i try to post via the dev/ropsten environment, i’m getting the following response:

Status code 400
{“status”:400,“code”:“INCORRECT_LAZY_NFT”,“message”:“Invalid signatures for creators [0x08b5…]”}

any ideas? tried to find any documentation on this and have not been successful. I’ve run a check signature and was able to successfully retrieve my own wallet address so the signature should be good. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks!

My husband says

“Just check for typo or mistake you may have made while building out the request . Sometimes a missing a set of double-quotes, or a comma can cause this”

Thanks for the response I think I found another potential cause. Do you or your husband know if rarible requires a signtypeddata signature? The methodology I was previously using was a simpler personal signature where the data is a single message. Thx!