Trying to post new NFT? cant sign it?

Keep getting the error:

Can’t sign typed data: result is undefined

Anyone know how to resolve this already wasted a load of ETH trying to do it a couple of times with the same result.

You should report this bug on Discord. the team may answer to such issues.

I also encountered the same problem, please ask if you solved it, and if so, how it was solved

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I’m sure any feedback will be posted here :slight_smile:

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Hi, i had the same problem. I was able to put my nft up for auction instead. Try putting yours up for auction. It worked for me.

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Hi and welcome among us @linda

Thank you for your feedback.

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Following because I have the same thing. I took something off sale, and then tried to put it back on sale. Things have really gone downhill on Rarible regarding changing prices and stuff.

I have the exact same problem! Please update here if anyone found a solution. This comes up for me everytime I try to put a NFT up for sale at a fixed price