Twitter stroke STILL empty, must be iPhone

Hello Friends,

I’ve read everyone’s suggestions for the common “Empty Twitter Stroke” issues, but they don’t describe my problems…

After typing my @, and clicking link, I’m brought to my Twitter page to tweet my Rarible account. I did that once.

When I returned to edit my profile, Twitter was still empty…

Immediately after I click “Link” , “check” and “tweet again” appear for a millisecond before I’m again brought to my Twitter page to tweet about Rarible, again.

I tried ‘saving’ instead of ‘link’ but that didn’t do anything…

I sent them an email a week ago, but as expected, there’s been no reply.

My only thought is that I’m doing this from a phone, and not a desktop? I hear people talk about ‘boxes’ popping up after ‘link’, but that doesn’t happen to me.

Any tips or advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your help!