Unable to Mint Token

Hey folks,

I’m trying to list a painting and when I get to the mint token step, Metamask says I have insufficient funds. I have around 40 dollars in ETH. Is that really not enough? Any help would be appreciated!

Yes its possible you haven’t enough Eth. You could download a eth gas price extension for your browser, such as, “Ethereum Gas Price Extension” or “Eth gas price” for android. To keep an eye on eth price. Its up & down during 24 hours… Eth Gas Price has been very high lately. You could wait till the eth price drops to what you think is a fair price. Eth gas price can range between only a couple of dollars up to over $100 so be careful. Don’t waste your money paying high gas prices just to mint an item. Gas prices should drop when EthV2 takes effect.

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How many gas fees should there be for minting? I paid the first one. It was like 5 dollars. The second one is the one that won’t go through.

same here. did you figure it out?