Unauthorized images not approved

Hello. Guide my dear friends.
I asked for Rifa and received the tick mark. Unfortunately, they do not approve of the use of unauthorized images. Please look at my page and which one is the unauthorized images?

Hi @H4M1D

The unauthorized images are the one you didn’t create. For instance, using Dirin Dirin character.

You did not understand that you can not explain more. The email that has been:

Hey :wave:

We’re sorry to let you know that you didn’t receive the verified badge this time.

Reason: Unauthorized images use

Don’t let it discourage you though! The badge is not the key to success on the marketplace :slightly_smiling_face:Make sure you fill in your profiles, be active, make more sales or purchases, and try later. Good luck!

I don’t see what’s not clear with my explanation. Your Avatar is a copyrighted character = Dirin Dirin = unauthorized image use.

So your profile is rejected hence not verified.

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So does it mean I have to delete it completely or is it editable?

You can edit your profile and replace your cover and your avatar by images belonging to you. Then you can resubmit via the link provided in the email you received.

So the symbol I registered should be removed or replaced? If I have to do an alternative, please advise how?

You must burn this token because it’s nor your intellectual property and replace your avatar and your cover image by images belonging to you by editing your profile. I can’t provide any further help on this topic.


Burning tokens, we have to pay for gas. Do you have a support email to ask a question if it hid the token instead of burning it. :pray:

This token remain fraudulent. It won’t help, but you can submit here :


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Hi. In order to burn this mark, when I do this, I enter the number zero. It says no, I must enter the number 1 to accept that there is one of them.


you have to specify the exact amount of tokens to burn. If it’s a “1/1” type “1”. if it’s a “20/20” type “20” to burn all of them or “15” ton only burn 15 of them.

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Thank you. You are one of the best. :pray: :rose:

You’re welcome. We try our best to support fellow artists.