Unique historical art nft sales

Hi, Im historical battle recreator and costume designer. Check My newest historical art and unique NFT.
Rarible link https://rarible.com/items?tab=collectibles
Instagram link https://www.instagram.com/ergoink/


Hi @ergo_art, welcome to the community and thanks for posting a ‘hi’ and a bit about yourself :slight_smile:
So that you know, there are already many threads that are especially well established for users to show their NFTs and it would be helpful to the broader community if you, as others have been asked, could delete this thread and keep your post to one of those other threads such as this one here

It does seem you’ve already found them and have posted on them so it helps to not jam up the space by not creating a new thread to show off your work.

On another note, it helps for people to see your new work if you actually post a link to it …

Welcome and enjoy your time here :slight_smile:

Links to my Rarible and my Instagram and my Website

I always post my art to Insta first and then when I get the time for admin, I’ll add it to my website

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