Unlockable Content via gofs.io

I gues nobody is familiar with gofs.io

The most simple way to upload any file for Unlockable Content feature on Rarible.

All you need is Metamask and create custom RPC for Metamask.

here you can find instructions:
Configure Metamask for GoChain / goFS

Of course you need some GoChain (GO) which is 100% percent Ethereum compatible!

So it is possible to send GO to your existing Ethereum Address right to your MetaMask Ethereum account.
If you have configured for Metamask already, you can view your balance right in Metamask by switching networks.

Requesting a simple button (link) to goFS on the Creation Page for Unlockable Content.

Don’t hesitate to ask, iam close to contact team, if something more is needed.

pCloud, Google drive, ipfs, ipfs pinata are audio great ways to put additional content without needing and in most cases can be done for free.

signup is needed on your solutions and users would get a experience with a Blockchain, which is 100times faster than Ethereum and still 100% compatible.

might be a good idea to switch allow different networks to use for whole rarible system.

Yes signup is needed except for ipfs. Anyone can set up an ipfs on mobile or desktop without signup. The difference is no money is needed for the options I said while gofs requires users to have additional funds for $GO as well as a way to obtain the gochain $GO.