[Updated Proposal] Building Rarible Ecosystem Block By Block

As Rarible Scribe (over the past few weeks), Creator, Forum Contributor, and Licensed Community Member (Trust Level 2) – I would like to propose the following value to the Rarible DAO & Community.

My Background

I don’t like talking about myself (it makes me uncomfortable), but in this scenario, experience matters. You can learn more about me here.

TLDR: I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2006 and have failed more times than I have succeeded. I know what it is like to live very lean, I have also been fortunate enough to achieve some wins and know the thrill that comes with it. During my entrepreneurial journey, (3) of my startups have had successful exits with (1) exit to a public company (NASDAQ: RP). My first involvement with cryptocurrency was in 2014. From this position I parlayed the resources to fund my current venture studio specializing in FinTech, AI, Blockchain, and Gaming startups.

The most rewarding work I do is helping other entrepreneurs succeed.

New Update April 19, 2021

Since this proposal was submitted, (2) additional contributors have joined this initiative. They will be stakeholders in this going forward (@MincentmanGogh and @knowledgeable_idiot) and their contribution is both welcomes and highly valued.

Our Plan To Serve Rarible DAO & Community

To scale the Rarible marketplace faster and more efficiently than any other marketplace, we need a dedicated focus on standardizing processes and simplifying community friction. This will be an iterative process that I believe starts with focusing on the Rarible ecosystem. Success of this ecosystem is mission critical to achieving this.

We would like to start by operating as Ambassadors of the Rarible community who will collaborate with entrepreneurs and visionaries of accepted and pending ecosystem projects in the following ways:

Below is a brief outline of the value provided.

  1. Project Advocacy: operate as your project/proposal resource and take on the responsibility of being your internal champion to the community. Share with our community the projects high-level vision. Transmit that value to the community beyond the governance calls through journalistic content, email, forums, and social media (when applicable). Spread the good news.

Specific deliverables for accountability are:

• (1) Forum post bi-weekly for the community on noteworthy updates from current projects.
• (1) Forum post weekly updating community with summary of Rarible Governance Call.
• (1) Forum post weekly updating community with summary of Rarible Developer Call.
• Create social media launch assets projects can use to announce project delivery (1) IG Post/Story, (1) Twitter, (1) Discord/Web.

  1. Project Accountability/Delivery: collect and consolidate updates of each project to the community by connecting with active project stakeholders in the Rarible ecosystem.

Specific deliverables are:

• Create and maintain updated spreadsheet to track proposals and deliverables.
• Data input includes project/proposal name, timeline, delivery date status, payment received.
• Develop a window to this data with a publicly accessible URL that visualizes statuses for the entire community (see example below)

Future state this consolidated information will allow the community to setup badge/rewards framework (like in forum) that gives recognition to group accomplishments and successful project delivery history.

Anything early-stage means community feedback is important to iterate on-going.

The Ask

Monthly $5,000 USD (equivalent in $RARI) payments based on DAO (CY Budget) of ~$30MM.

Scope of contribution and service represents 10-15 hours of work commensurate with current active proposal/project volume. That is expected to increase overtime. Would ask to revisit allocation when workload doubles. We will continue to provide value on behalf of the Rarible Community for the next 2 months and reassess at the end of that period.

We will supply Rarible DAO with Form W-9 or other applicable tax forms to an agent of Rarible DAO to confirm I am not subject to backup tax withholding in any applicable jurisdiction. My compensation may be reported on Form 1099-MISC or another applicable tax form by an agent of Rarible DAO.

Why Fund This

As the community grows, the Rarible DAO members availability and community cognitive thresholds to consider proposals will decrease. Standardized ecosystem processes that simplify understanding and expedite project value to the community must start taking form now. I believe in Rarible and can help partner with community projects by being hyper-focused on the value creation processes and the mechanics that drive organic growth.

Whether this proposal gets accepted or not, consider the offer herein to be available to anyone that’s part of the Rarible Community.

Thank you.

Proposal Analysis File


Hi @hoff_therecord,

It’s a very complete proposition which allows to deal with the enormous arrival of newcomers on the NFTs market.

It represent an important step for anyone who wants to grow professional from here and this is good way to get experience for evolving from a chaotic place to a more structured plan.

I wish everyone will read it and give it’s opinion :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for your time.

My NFT here and my profile here
I always follow for follow, even on instagram where you can see my other pieces and my painting process.


Thank you for the feedback. After speaking with respected community advocate @eric - I am going to emphasize my focus more on element (3) to start. Partner with proposal stakeholders through the journey after acceptance , help when possible, and report back to the community on noteworthy progress and project availability to community ecosystem :slight_smile:


This will bring tremendous value to the community. I would love to contribute to this!


Very glad to have you on board helping with this. You bring tremendous value to this and the community.


Excellent proposal. I would also love to learn more and collaborate.


I think you have shown your capabilities up to this point. You have my full respect and support bro!

Excited to see you excel– i’ll be proven correct, Eric and you will be wicked advocates and assets for Rarible as a whole.


Totally agree 100% - :slight_smile:


Really appreciate the support. This is just a start, but with a great community of innovators already working with Rarible API protocols, I believe we have just begin scratching the surface on the long-term value. Exciting times for our community.


Absolutely. All are welcome here!

You can reach me on Discord here: Hoff_theRecord#1776

Just look at what @eric has been able to do in a month. The March and April proposal numbers speaks to that. Excited to have you on board helping with this project. As I said last week, going to open this up to community and provide whatever value we can regardless of proposal status. I am passionate and believe in the direct our community is going. I want to help us get there in any way I can. Working with creative minds like you and @MincentmanGogh - I’m certain we will.