Verification denied: Reason: Incorrect Wallet Address Provided

Hi All :wave:

Like many artists, I too have been denied verification. (Plays sad music)

This reason seems to be a bit more unique than usual though.

I’ve searched the forums for the answer to this one, and had a chat with @Sheratan.
As they seem to be quite versed on the topic in the forums, and it was suggested that it was actually worth a forum post.

The reason Rarible gave me in the email was not in any of the topics I came across.
Reason: Incorrect Wallet Address Provided

Now this is strange, because I’ve minted my NFT’s on my profile using that wallet, and the NFT’s show up as collectables in my wallet.

I’ve minted 3 NFT’s so far. One I burned because I noticed a mistake on it, but had two on my profile at the time.

I use Coinbase as a wallet, and I get all the push notifications for liking NFT’s, editing my profile, and uploading and minting a NFT. So how could the wallet address be wrong?

Has anybody else encountered this problem, and did they find a fix for it?

I don’t want to just re-submit my profile if it is a genuine issue that needs addressing, as that wastes everybody’s time.

At the same time, I know bugs occur, and if it is just a bug, hopefully someone official would be able to reach out to me.

Also make the knowledge available to the wider community on a possible fix for the problem.

As an artist I have a official website for my work, an instagram (with moderate social media presence), and I’ve signed up for Twitter as a NFT artist, (previously not present on there before).

Thanks, and I look forward to your input on the topic.


Twitter : @LondonartistJB

Heres a link to my profile. Just if you want to take a look and notice anything out the ordinary.


Hi, @Londonartist,

I’ve never encountered this answer.

Has anybody had the same reply? Can anyone help James, please?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Londonartist,

I had never heard about this before either. Did you check that when you requested the verification you stayed in the right network? We use Metamask and depending on the network that we are (Ethereum mainchain, Smarchain etc…) transactions don’t go through…

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Yes, I’m an Artist and I just joined yesterday and I was also denied verification. How do I get verified? My wallet is also connected already. Thank you

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Hi Jesse and welcome among us,

your post is a little bit off-topic.

Verification takes at least 3 weeks. I you joined yesterday, I wonder why you were denied verification so fast. Many users reported the similar answer after submitting verification. I guess the verification process is clogged by the surge of newcomers.

For Londonartist, the refusal was based upon a wallet adress, which seems pretty weird.

My NFT here and my profile here
I always follow for follow, even on instagram where you can see my other pieces and my painting process.

Hey there-

I had the same problem a couple of times.
In my case the first time a sent, I copied the wallet from my profile which I then realized was a condensed address with … in the the middle-
next time I opened my wallet and copied from there and it included a . period at the end… also incorrect.
I hope this helps.



Thank you for the info on how you resolved your verification situation, I appreciate your input.

Any further input from yourself, or anyone else on how to solve this issue would also be greatly appreciated.

The problem with this, is in my situation I am unable to change or check upon my wallet address submitted.

The verification pending button hasn’t returned back to its original “verify your profile status” and who knows if it ever will, as Rarible are now gong for the re-submit email link option.
So I am unable to start a fresh with the application form again.

Unless when you click the link in the email you have to fill in the form again.
(Someone let me know if this is the case)

But from what I have read form the verification declined email it just re-submits your profile.

Quote: " We’ve made the re-application process very simple: after ensuring your profile is completed with the items mentioned above, please click on the following link"

Being that wallet address is the only thing that you can’t change on the back end of “edit profile”, that kind of leaves me in a catch 22 situation.

Bit frustrating really to say the least, and certainly an Issue that has been overlooked when It comes to user interface “UI”.

TBH though I’m pretty sure I copied and pasted the right wallet address in the first place.
I could be, and more than willing to be proven wrong if it resolves the situation though.

Think I need some help from the higher ups on this one.
Rarible Gods, are you out there??

Only other, and final option would be a fresh ‘verify your profile form’ link anybody (preferably someone official) could point me in the right direction to?

Thanks again for your time.



Im not sure about it , but i think could be coinbase bug issues.

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Okay, Update.

I’ve tried emailing support “request (21478)”, tweeting at, and messaging the Rarible team directly on the discussion forum.

All with a link back to this forum thread, and a break down of the situation. No reply though.

I understand they are busy, and don’t know if I ever will get a reply till the “NFT craze” is less hyped and the new user base has less volume.
Or if they have enough staff to cover things like this, but I am still keeping my hopes up.

I did click the email link provided from the initial verification denial email.

Curiosity got the better of me, what can I say!

Verification denial is a bit of a guessing game at the moment.
With all the trial and error that still goes on from reading other peoples experiences in other forum posts, I had to at least try it. Or that’s at least what I tell myself…

What is interesting, is both further denial of verification emails that came through had a different reason to the original email. Yes I clicked it a couple of times to see if the reason changed any further!

(These replies came back almost instantaneously might I add.)
No time for a actual member of Rarible’s team to review the changes if there was any.

Disclaimer: (I have updated my cover image since the first initial request, so thats at least one change to my profile.)

The reply read:
Quote: We’re sorry to let you know that you didn’t receive the verified badge this time.
Reason: Rarible profile isn’t complete

Now this is the thing.
My profile fields in “edit profile” are completely filled out.

I still haven’t been able to change / access my wallet address I originally gave them.

This may be just another way of them wording the “incorrect wallet address” reply, but surely it would just say the same thing again to the original “verification denied” email if this were the case?

With Rarible providing a totally different reason this time and my profile being “completed”, I hate to say this as I really like the platform, but have to consider the option that they might be just denying my artists verification completely. ( As a private platform they have every right to.)

So I remain in Verification “In review” limbo for the foreseeable future.

I feel like I’ve exercised all my options at this point.

Where you potentially come in:
If there any artists with bigger audiences / more clout on here reading this, that might / would be able to evoke a response form the Rarible team (be it on twitter or just because they have direct contact).

If you wouldn’t mind putting this in front of them on myself and other Rarible users behalf for clarification on this issue.

My twitter handle and and profile are linked in the original post.
Please be sure to link this forum thread If you do plan on doing this.

Or if you are a smaller artist/creator/collector and just want to find out the answer, please like the original post. (hopefully this will make it more visible in the overall discussion forum)

Or, if you have gone through this experience of “Incorrect wallet address provided”, and managed to find a fix since they introduced the email reply system for failed verification applications.
Please reply below.

I do intend to update this thread with any further answers responses from the Rarible team if they don’t reply on this thread directly, be it positive or negative outcome.
As I think would benefit the wider community if I do receive any answers.

Thanks for Reading and your time,



I’m having the exact same problem. First I was denied for not having a banner, even though I DID have a banner. Next, I was denied for “incomplete profile”, despite having a completed profile for many months now. Nothing is missing. Nothing! I don’t understand what’s going on with them. It makes zero sense!

It sounds like you and I are facing the very same issue. I too have a Coinbase wallet.

I received that same email about my wallet so I resubmitted my application.

That was over a month ago and I have no Idea if the changes made were correct because I have received no further emails and my verification says “in review”.

I do have the option to update profile but I don’t want to click it and be sent to the back of the waiting list. I have tried to message anyone I could about the problem but also have received no response.

If you figure this out please let me know!


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OK! update!

So I waited and waited, and Rarible eventually reset my apply for verification button in the edit profile section.

Whilst I was dealing with another issue I had written to the readable support team about, which also took over a month to get a reply, and yes they did apologise profusely about it.

Loads of new users etc.

Anyway, whilst speaking to the support team member, I asked to be referred to a verification agent.

I was passed on to the verification team, and my profile was reviewed using their algorithm.

Although, the Rarible verification agent then let me know I had been declined for missing a cover image… My heart sank…

Now this clearly wasn’t the case, I immediately screenshottoed my profile, attached it in my reply, and asked kindly if he would review it manually. As I had uploaded a cover image since before I had applied for the first time around.

The next day I had a reply saying they had manually reviewed and that I had been verified!

That was a saga, but I made the cut finally!

Anyway I did promise I would update everyone with the final result If I got one.

So there you go.

If you are in the same situation as I was, do email them and they will get back to you.

It might just take some time.

  • My suggestion would be to use metamask on this site if you are using a Coinbase wallet as it interacts with Rarible way better. Install it before applying before verification.

Thanks all that Commented.

If you want to check out my profile its
My twitter and instagram are also on there if you want to say HI.


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