Verification Failures

How/where can I can get the bottom of my inability to get approval? I can’t figure out what could possibly be missing.

I understand there are probably a thousand thread about this. I’ll do some hunting here on the site myself. The instant message I received appears like something is incorrect, but everything in there is verifiable. I see no details.



Hi and welcome among us, @disputed.

Yes as you noticed, there are plenty of threads dealing with this issue and many of them have your answer here.

However, if you want some help, can you link your Rarible Profile here so we can figure out what could go wrong?

It’s recommended to have a presence here and participate to get verified, but I guess it’s not the reason for the rejection.


So here are the reasons why you were denied verification :

  • You do not have a proper cover image.
  • You didn’t provide 2 social medias as required where you post your art, only one.
  • So impossible to say if you shared the Rarible tweet concerning verification.
  • You do not have any follower
  • You barely follow 29 users
  • You liked only 2 NFTs which were your own NFTs…

If you read the guidelines concerning verification, you would’nt have created this topic.
No suprise you were denied verification.


Correct. I haven’t read the topics yet. I also merely filled out the verification as the questions it asked. I was unaware of these other requirements. Obviously I’m quite new to this. I appreciate your response.


My advice :

Fix all what I have listed

Here : participate, involve yourself, set a cover image, a user background card and an avatar.

And start following peoples on Rarible and like their NFTs :wink:


As well as all the great info Sheratan posted, be sure to create original work and do not use images that are copyrighted or usage-restricted. The final hurdle before I was verified was showing that the images I used in one of my NFTs was a stock photo and free to use with no restrictions. Once I shared links to all the images I used to create my final image, showing that I didn’t break any copyright laws, I was verified the next day.


Good point. Although I don’t really see a place to add that in the ten questions application process. I own the copyrights for everything I create. It’s all original artwork under my self-published project.

It would be great if Sheraton’s awesome information was typed into their application process.

Either way, I’m grateful for the response. There’s mountains of information here. I’m really just digging into this thing.

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In fact, disputed, it is.

This excellent guide to verification resume it all :slight_smile:


@Sheratan good morning, I see that you are always on the spot … you don’t do it by trade I hope, answer to everyone, but thank goodness to this passion, I’m building another collection of NFT but I’m waiting, waiting, waiting for this painful check and from April, I am still waiting with enthusiasm … maybe … in the meantime I build other NFTs hello everyone :joy: :rofl: :innocent:


Hi @MTA.collection.ART,

If I traded, I would be rich :rofl:

no, I even, as a deontology, refuse to take part to the Giveaways or gifts.

You still have to wait, but things seem to go faster as many users are posting their joy of getting verified after many weeks of patience :slight_smile:

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Your collection is beautiful. You will definitely be approved. Just wait for your time to come.


Hi all,

I got this E-mail yesterday:

Hey :wave:

We’re sorry to let you know that you didn’t receive the verified badge this time.

Reason: Missing Cover Image

It was a bit weird because I have a Cover Image since the beginning of my application :dizzy_face: But after clicking the provided link to reapply, my profile was activated in a couple of minutes :smiley:

It looks like a small bug in their system or it could be a minor discouragement to sort non-active users. But I am verified now and going to start selling my works :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

To all non-verified users: First, listen to @Sheratan, a proper rarible guru, who has spent more time than anyone I know in this forum! Second, it takes longer than what´s expected or written anywhere (mine took 60+ days) - stay positive and be active with your rarible and forum accounts - it doesn´t hurt to say hi in their discord channel as well.

Cheers to all and have a sunny weekend :v:

My Rarible | Instagram | Website


hello and good morning, I see that you are always diplomatic in your answers, thank you as always … we wait, we wait and we wait … important that if I don’t wait too long, I don’t miss the train … :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Congratulations @ilkhan :champagne: :fireworks: :partying_face: :champagne: :fireworks: :partying_face: :champagne: :fireworks: :partying_face:

I’m so happy for you :smiley:

And thanks for the compliment :blush:


@ilkhan compliment :grinning:


I’m not a fan of twitter, but I’ll give some love there. I created a discord for the same reason. I’ve been spreading NFT love on FB and LI, since I first dug into understanding the concept a couple months ago. Rarible is my first dip into this.

I’m bullish and all-in on NFTs, and feel like I’m only scratching the surface of their awesomeness. There’s a lot of “stuff” to weed through though. Still really excited to watch this thing grow. Of course I mean my profile, but just as importantly watching the community grow. The smart contract makes this a digital artist’s dream land. Best of luck to everyone here.

This probably belongs in the general forum, which I will move over to after this post. I wanted to say thanks again to Sheraton for the snarky, yet greatly appreciated responses. I’m aware of my own faults in this thread, but when you’re green, it feels easier to ask. I’ll get my lazy a in gear now. Cheers!


One more… Here’s my discord. Hit me up and let’s share art there too.


@kbalanishello, sorry, I have now your post ghe you had to prove that your ptogetto of a creation was correct, with links etc … I understood bebe … if and so but who contacted you to tell you and what they were referring to. I have built and created more than 5000 images and drawings all registered and patented at the office and patents room in Italy and from there I take inspiration to transform my drawings into NfT in 3d but no one has contacted me since I am still awaiting verification , and if they contact me I have to send them all the paperwork and patents it takes by truck, explain me a little more thanks in advance, :thinking: :thinking:

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Hey Disputed,

I don’t norrmally do this as it becomes a feeding frenzy, but I was curious as to why you would have been rejected after I viewed your account posted in this thread, turns out the wallet address you provided on your application is different to the address linked to your profile which means when our automation runs on the address it doesn’t see a cover photo, profile picture etc because it’s looking at the wrong account.

I’ve gone ahead an manually fixed this for you, fair warning though you are pretty far down in the queue so it will take some time before we get to your request.

I hope this helps!