Verification Progress Tracker

Rarible needs to set up a way for people to see where the status of their verification stands and not just a wheel that says “In Review”.

They need to add a progress bar that shows what step your application is going through.

For example:
Cover Image: complete
Profile picture: complete
Email connected: complete
Crypto Wallet connected: complete
Bio: complete
Link to your Twitter Account: complete
Item minted on Rarible: incomplete

Without this people who feel they have completed all the outlined requirements are left in the dark about what is holding up the process.

This can lead to significant frustration.

One is left to wonder if their application was submitted properly or if there is a bug in the system that has prevented their application from going through.

I set up a poll to gather information about this idea:

  • Good Idea
  • Bad Idea
  • Not Necessary

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That is a realy good idea JAC :shark:


Thank you so much! :grinning:


Very good Idea, I was thinking the same.
Also this steps could be easily verified by algorithm (checking everything is there) and then put on the desk of a Human to look at for the final approval.

Rarible are you listening?
(I asume you have to bring $Dole and $Rimowa advertising money to get some support?)


They say great minds think alike so…
The algorithm part also makes a lot of sense. :thinking: :wink:

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That would be great, but I don’t think the devs have anything to do with these message boards.


Yeah, you may be right. I just hope they come up with some improvements to the verification process. :roll_eyes:

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I believe they are working on this…:slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m sure someone is. It is just a little frustrating in the in the meantime. Just curious, did you see somewhere that they talked about working on this? :thinking:

They were talking about this on the community call:)


Awesome! Hopefully they can get it done. :grin:

They are doing it by hand at the moment. I am sure they will put something in place in the near future.


patience is a necessity


Yes, I agree. We must be patient.


Think it would also be a good idea for the Rarible team to add mods or members with a high trust level to assist in the verification process. Surely this would aid the ever growing waiting times? Or at the very least, post a request for those with a high trust level to become verifiers


I agree that the process should be more transparent. At the moment it is very confusing and it is likely that many new users feel discouraged and move somewhere else.

I reckon that having that sort of tracker is a heavy investment in development though, specially considering that a part of that verification process is manual and it cannot be fully automated.


I went through the process over a month ago. Whenever I minted my first piece. I’ve tried to hold back and be patient, but mow I’m worried I’ve never seen ‘in progress’ anywhere. Where do you see that? I bet I’ve not done it right. Wish I’d taken a screen grab

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Hi @Squatties

you can check on Rarible when you click on your profile and “edit”, then you’ll see where the button" submit" was the notification “in progress”. If not, you never submitted.

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Thanks Sheratan. I just went through the exact same process again and now it says that. It must not have worked the first time. Let’s enjoy this rollercoaster all over again then. Been waiting to mint my second piece post verification. More than annoyed with myself and technology for being patient and not questioning things sooner.


At least your submission wasn’t loss in the tickets oblivion :grin:

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