Verified Collector

Collectors attempting to resell pieces they purchased lose visibility when the “Verified Only” toggle is turned on. A collector/reseller should be able to be verified just as artists are. For example, if a collector has sold more than 1 ETH worth of goods on the site, they achieve the status of “verified”. This should be done automatically, not through manual verification requests on Discord.


Yeah, agreed. I know a bunch of people who are collectors/resellers that have highlighted the same thing.

But, I think we should probably keep that cap a little higher for collectors/resellers. Something like 10-20 ETH buy/sell volume in total.

Helps artists have more coverage of the “Verified Only” market instead of being flooded by many collectors. The primary market should still be geared towards artists and then the secondary market for collectors/reseller.

I’m a collector/reseller too. Tried to be as unbiased as I can here, hence, my proposal to keep “Verified Only” a little pure by ensuring that you’re actually a collector before being verified.

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Hi Suterranean
I listed 2 item for reselling but can only find 1 when i refresh ART or ALL.Would you know the reason for this ?,also where would i find the Verified Only" to see if it is ON/OFF.Thanks.

Look at the ‘Filter & Sort’ icon on the top right. Click on it and scroll down until you see Verified Only, to the right of that is a switch to turn it on or off.

Any help getting my account verified would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Hi Click Verification

There wouldn’t be any only Artists if it were not for the Collectors/Resellers. Artists put in manily their time,while Collector/Resellers put in crypto to buy & time to find items to buy & resell.The real Rarible users are the people who are combined Artist,Collector & Reseller of NFTs