Create VR world in Rarible
So people can talk each other via VR glasses
You can create a VR part of the site for Raribla, where the buyer and the seller will have their place, the buyer will be able to walk through the VR market in glasses, chat live with the seller if he is online, bargain, etc.


It’s pretty easy to create VR world btw and you can get sponsored via VR companies

I think it’s a great idea. Maybe not yet, but once VR sets are a bit more popular and more people own then. At the moment, it’s probably too expensive for most people to get involved in.

But I think it’s a great idea

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yes truth but the point is that you dont need actually VR glass to join, you can join from pc as well. And if Rarible got good partner ship with some of VR company then they can make good price


Similar projects already exist. But it is not exactly the same as what you are talking about. I think it would be a great innovation! :green_heart:

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Ah ok. I have never really used VR so it’s not my area of expertise. But I get what you are saying :+1:t2:

Very interested in this. I have a 3080 with a valve index. I’ve seen some of the software people use to make little rooms and walk through areas. Very good idea. @wa

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Any idea who can build this?

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Are you envisioning sort of like an open world role playing game where you can exchange NFTs?

Sure i know some companys,let me know if that’s interesting I’ll explain you my vision so you can see full idea

Yeah something in that way, but virtual market