Waiting for owner to accept bid after you won

Hello All! I hope everyone is doing well. I’m a little new and confused when receiving your NFT after you have won the bid. It says waiting for owner to Accept, is there a certain time stipulation or would this possibly just be a bad account? I’m just a little confused it’s been a couple days and it still says “Waiting for Owner to Accept” could anyone shed some light and help? Thank you!

dude, it’s totally up to you whether or not you want to edit your post to one that offers a level of respect towards the users of this community that you are seeking help from

the way it stands tho, you’re almost guaranteed to be passed on


My bad, just edited. Definitely will take this in. Thank you! @SMARTPopArtist @s

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Hi @hayden69

You won’t have a time stipulation about the bid. the owner is supposed to accept on a timed auction but if you bid on a “normal” NFT, the owner has no obligation to accept your proposal.

It may last up to one week but after that, I would assume that the owner declined your bid.

Hey @Sheratan

Okay, yea I was just confused I guess. Mine was timed and I won but it still didn’t give the NFT to me and then I just got outbid like just now lol. But it was timed idk it was weird. But thanks again

Hello All,

I hope you all sell or collect and NFT today! One question tho, when bidding if outbid what will happen to your money? Thank you!