Waiting for verification over a month now


Sorry to bother you but this is kind of important to me. I supplied all the necessary items. Please help me out.

Thanks in advance.

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Dude, you have no pic, almost no badge and 3 minutes reading time!!!

I think once you get that sorted you might get verified!!!

I’m still waiting too!!!


My Profile and NFTs

My Instagram


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@CryptoCodart what @oArtista says is true and it might be worth also looking at this:


There are a lot of people waiting on verification and some of them are like mods on here so you’ll need to sort out your community level participation if you ever want the tick

Good luck and welcome :slight_smile:

Links to my Rarible and my Instagram and my Website

I always post my art to Insta first and then when I get the time for admin, I’ll add it to my website


Ah the good old verification :expressionless:


Yey! My „Quote“-Badge!
Thank you! Greetings!

Ah the good old verification

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Hey! Just a quick help. Toss a search in the topic search bar and you will be welcomed with many threads that will show you what you’re going to need to get verified. I’m going to tell you it’s not as easy as hitting a button and waiting, there is quite a bit involved. Expect to wait a few months.