We just got verified on rarible ask us anything

Hello peeps of the rarible world!!!
We are a group of creators that turn bidding, buying and selling NFTs into a game. Our characters have a lore attached to them. Check them out here

Ask us anything about us, verification or anything else you want!!!


Hello peeps,
i have a question. How long did it take? and what did it do for you once verified?
looking forward to your tips and info.

your newest cool kids club member,



Okay so here is our list of instructions on how to get verified.

First of all check this out

We followed the instructions here to the brim. Updated our cover image and logo image. We submitted our behind the scenes work on blender, photoshop and other creative softwares that we use to show we our 100% legit!

We also worked on our instagram and twitter following.

Be patient and keep working on your socials, do not give up if you dont get verified in a week or two

Also mint a fe NFTs to show your collection check ours to see what I am talking about.


Hi guys congrats for the verify!

In our case we have everything set up from day 0 and we are still waiting after 24 days right now. It’s a little disappointing but we are working a lot on socials!

I’ve just followed you and liked all yours NFTs here on Rarible, great works​:+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:



We checked your profile liked all posts and followed as well!!!

Everything looks clear, just be patient the verification will surely come!! your insta followers are on fire btw

Could not load the logo image and cover image… maybe resize???

Can someone else verify this?


Do you have any experience with being denied? I applied at a very early stage of my account and was denied, just curious if anyone knows how long before I can apply again?

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I am on Rairble now for 3 weeks and while not yet verified whats more is that they removed my banner and my photos on my profile!! both are fine and within parameters so I am not sure what is going on!! It is still showing I am still in verification!!

What is going on and what can I do?!!

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Many thanks!!!

Yes we are pushing a lot on socials because we believe on building a good audience with some dialogue.
Twitter is more difficult but is the only place with something more. Instagram is a dead place :grin:

Are you really facing that issue on our profile? I’ve just checked with new windows and with mobile but everything seem to be ok!

If someone else can check at this link will be fantastic :+1:t2:


Hello again,
Thx for the great info. i checked out your work and love all the monsters that you make. So sick. I do a lot of social so that is good info to know that it helps out with being verified. You guys keep killing it in the art world and dropping like it’s hot…

your newest member of the cool kids club,

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Hey @rawr

Congratulations - loved your stuff.

I’m a student - and on my path to a career in Design and Art. Been here for the past 3+ weeks…and waiting. Hope I could. get verified soon. Would love to have you look at my collection.

Am i missing anything for the verification?



Just reloaded the page

This is what I see can someone else please verify this…



Absolutely, was not sure about how this thing worked at first. Very hastily submitted for verification without cover image and logo and ended up getting denied.

You can reapply here

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Be patient for sure, if the wheel is still turning that means nothing is lost…
Keep minting, stay active on social media. Be active on the community and like and follow people on rarible. If you have the money then maybe even purchase a feww…

Build credibility and you will get verified.

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I love you AKACHAMBO, Lets get married!



Liked all your work and followed!

Checked your profile, maybe mint more! I am not an expert on verification BTW
But if I was you I would look into building a collection of sorts. They like artists with a theme or a pattern

I see you have been purchasing artwork too which is great for building a collection. Socials look cool maybe post more on twitter and engage more.

All in all we at the RAWR headquarters wish you the best of luck!!!

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Its a problem with me… checked other profiles they load fine though

Hey @rawr

Thank you for your time, comments and guidance - really appreciate it !!

Will follow you back!
Cheers :hugs:

Checked out your instagram too. Youre a heck of an artist BTW!!!

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Hello again,
Maybe. But the wife may kill us both…ha!

Your newest cool kid club fan,



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