What are the values that Rarible should stand for?

Why are you here on Rarible?

What gravitated you towards the world of NFTs? What makes you stay?

What values should this Rarible stand for?

What are we all collectively working towards? As creators, builders, collectors, artists, investors… etc

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.Rarible was the platform that has started my journey into NFT and the community here has been really supportive since even when I didn’t have that big of a portfolio.
2.NFTs provide the transparency which was missing in traditional art world. The people I have had an opportunity to meet, makes me feel valuable. There are so many similarities we all share, which I wouldn’t have experienced without NFT World.
3. Being always open to all kind of artist.
4. A world full of love, encouragement and passion, supporting each other and believing in them. A space for growth. And rarible has always been a really good starting step for that :slight_smile: