What do you think I should do?

I have been making real or digital designs for 22 years. What is important to me is that every work should have a script or tell something. Most of the time I do a pencil drawing or oil painting first. Then I digitize it. I participated in many exhibitions in big cities such as Berlin, Rome, Paris… So far, I’ve showcased a single NFT in Rarible. Unfortunately, this NFT did not receive much appreciation. I was verified yesterday at Rarible. I guess people haven’t seen or haven’t seen this NFT yet. Now I’m worried about displaying my NFT called “Father and Son”. What do you think I should do?

here is the first NFT


If you’re worried about it then don’t show it - show only your best work

But if you’re worried because you worry what reception it will garner, then screw that - show it :slight_smile:


The only way to know is to try. There’s also tons of people in this space. I’m not sure for certain but it seems to me there’s still some hype on new people making NFTs, however the hype for people actually collecting has gone down a bit. This is still pretty new so I think the market needs to stabilize a bit, or the crypto market in general needs a to go back into major bull market hype. In the meantime create what you like and then go and shill your work as much as you can so people know about it and you’re bound to pick up followers and eventually get a sale. My NFTs are definitely not the greatest and definitely a little on the silly side, I’m starting to get a small following but also am yet to make sale; however part of the fun is creation! So I keep creating and marketing and one day someone is gonna enjoy a piece I made and buy it!

My newest NFT :pig:


I think you should display your NFT “Father and Son”

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