What happened to LIVE AUCTIONS?!

Hey Rarible Team,

What happened to the live auctions that were introduced yesterday?
I placed a collectible and now it just shows in my profile as a collectible

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Yep. Woke up to the same realisation…!

My Profile
NFT Page


What happened though?

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same problem :roll_eyes:

Feels like everyone has had the same problem, and it likely also feels that a lot of people in the US haven’t woken up to realise this yet.

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I have not been able to print for the last 24 hours. Printing does not take place even though I have completed the process. Is there anyone who has experienced the same problem

Everything seems fine on my part, Minted a few hours ago, gas is really low right now try again

Also check your etherscan I hope you dont have a lot of transactions pending

I was excited about this man! what a bummer, I hope they reinstate the people who posted on live auctions again

I just have a random Azrouin sitting below the price of the real product!!!

There are transactions that were left over from my previous editions and that I canceled thinking that they were not later. Is there anything I can do or do I have to wait

It seems like they are back online