What is considered as low gas fees

Whenever i have attempted to mint any new NFT i have always got, Gas fees is high right now. Although i have minted all of my works with around $12-$14 range. I am curious on knowing, what is considered as low gas fees and how low it can go (meaning what is lowest gas fees you have paid to mint your work), also is there any way to get notified when it’s low.


Hey there - I normally try to have a look at this chart:

High is tooooo high. So FOR ME a gas fee below 10 GWEI is low. Under 7 is rare these days - my observation over the last few weeks. But it really depends on how much traffic is on the ethereum blockchain.
In april the gas prices were really high, often over 75 up to over 100 GWEI.
So no financial advice - but do my experiences maybe help you a litte?


Indeed, 12/14$ is low. The average was around 40/60 $ in march.