What is the point of minting when the same art be just copied and distributed?

I saw most of the artworks here are limited in amount to give them value. All well and good, that is fine i get that.

But what i don’t get is that why would someone play for such a artificially limited item when the said artwork can easily be copied and used by anyone on the internet?

Where lies the value in it?

Im very confused and just started learning about DAO and NFTs today. Soo please don’t be offended or angry and help me understand.

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the value lies in the original artist that made it.
i can copy a picasso, but it wont be as valuable as the original the NFT token allows you to follow the art piece to its original creator. to do that with physical paintings is very hard to do.

I created my own NFToken here and it does not appears on the search result althought it should searching with the author name. so i wasted money.

Clearly, this patform has no support also.
I recommend to look in another platefor maybe OpenSea if you are a new bye like me.

i think it just takes some time i just joined a few days back n my stuff just started appearing

How I try to avoid scammers is by providing a high res download of the nft or even a print.
I also document the creation process. Hope this helps someone.

open sea artist registration is closed

The art can be downloaded by anyone if you right click it. The attribution to original creator is worthless for 99.9999999 % of the stuff on here. I’m either missing something or this is a giant giant bubble/scam

I can easily buy a fake Van Gogh with 1:1 replication painted by someone in China. So why buy a real Van Gogh?

In fact that makes NFTs more valuable because its on the blockchain and there’s absolute proof which artist created it.